The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 9 Recap


Small Khan ceased the Ashyl Falcon on the street to Shuozhou. He wasn’t Ashyl Falcon’s competition in any way. . At precisely the exact same time, Changge was overtaken by Shuyu. Shuyu desired Changge to proceed with him. He’d certainly protect Changge.

Changge wouldn’t trust anybody anymore. Chang Ge stabbed Shuyu using a knife, realizing that Shuyu was here to the Crown Prince’s Seal, she drove the Crown Prince’s Seal into Shuyu, stating that this dead thing couldn’t mobilize thousands of soldiers. After that, she and Shu Yuen had no issues, no longer.

Li Shimin was stressed, but needed to order individuals to suppress the issue and send individuals from all counties and states to locate Le Yan secretly. Le Yan was spoiled because she was small. She could not consume the wowotou provided by Hai Lao. She burst into tears and cried Hai Lao to let her move, but Hai Lao refused to allow it to go. Yan, Le Yan was awaiting Shuyu to save her. She watched Shuyu’s figure at the carriage. Before she called into Shuyu, another girl Su Su who was tied up stunned Le Yan and happy her.

He understood it was incorrect to suppress generals, along with the older Youzhou Ministry was largely Li Yuanji’s subordinates. He went north to support the generals, trusting Li Shimin will have the ability to stay away with tenderness, and also to calm people’s hearts, Li Shimin promptly approved Wei Zheng’s petition.

Shen Gu delivered Li Changge away. Shen Gu was the older portion of Li Jiancheng, also Du Ruhui might not readily allow Shen Gu go. Shen Gu’s rescue the very long tune was supposed to refund Li Jiancheng’s kindness back afterward. How can a dead matter mobilize thousands of troops? Though he had been Li Jiancheng’s old ministry, he was likewise an overall of Datang. Now Ashele is prepared to proceed, he should guard Youzhou. The entire situation of Shen Gu profited Li Changge. Beneath Shen Gu’s proposal, Li Changge rode his horse into the shore, also Shuyu and Gao Du additionally chased them. Shen Gu ceased themShuyu escaped Gao Du’s aid and proceeded ahead. Chasing the lengthy tune.

Wang Junkuo really killed the lord to live. He secretly revealed Li Changge’s individuality to Shen Gu, requesting Shen Gu to rescue him. Shen Gu has ever been an upright individual. This time Changge transferred to rescue the soldiers immediately. Not only did he not prefer Wang Junkuo, he secretly encouraged Changge to depart the Dudu Mansion when Gao Du found it.

Chang Ge left a marker for Ah Dou across the way. She discovered a wood home in the middle of the night, but suddenly met Ashyl Falcon again at the timber home. She requested Ashyl Falcon about his individuality, but Ashyl Falcon didn’t disclose this, and Chang Ge didn’t ask any longer. Ashley Falcon informs Changge there are continuous wars on the frontier boundary, and expect that Changge can shield herself. Changge takes the silver taels provided by Ashley Falcon, but she doesn’t stop her measures. She wants to do things. fear.

Shuyu was likely to locate Le Yan, but Gao Du left a decisive choice and requested Shuyu to return to Chang’an to ship the Prince’s Seal, also in the Exact Same time report Le Yan’s thing into the Prince. .


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