The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 8 Recap


Le Yan did not know why grabbing the very long tune was more significant than Shuyu’s own life and also the security of the folks in Youzhou City. Gao Du frankly told Le Yan it had been the best method to head from town to light a beacon and inform the court that both of these could not save it. Shuyu. Changge was locked from the inn. Atou found Changge together with his own cleverness. Changge arrived to visit Le Yan and requested Le Yan to return to Luoyang whenever you can, while he was planning to rescue the soldiers.

At nighttime, Changge utilized the identity of Shuyu to maneuver rescue troops to Duwei Shen, but Duwei Shen didn’t consider in Changge before the beacon at Youzhou City was lit by Gao Du, also Duwei Shen understood the seriousness of this matter when he watched the wolf smoke. The information of Tang Jun’s help reached the ears of Small Khan, who emptied the items in Youzhou Mansion and willing to depart Youzhou.

Chang Ge arrived to watch Gao Du. Shuyu was secured in a dungeon currently and Youzhou was going to collapse. She expected that Gao could collaborate with her to rescue him. Youzhou is in fire and water. He had been reluctant to combine with Youzhou’s affairs.

Changge and Shuyu were secured together. She discovered from Shuyu which Gao Du was with himand the two had arranged a time to meet in the gate of town. When Changge had a notion, she called for a meeting with Li Yuan, yanking the opportunity into the rendezvous, stating that the crown prince was at the palms of her entourage, and requested Li Yuan to shoot Shuyu together with her to fulfill her entourage. Gao Du was constantly intelligent. He also Le Yan occurred to visit Chang Ge if they arrived in the heart of town. Chang Ge was nominated. Gao Du advised Le Yan to not escape at the carriage, and then he moved to grab Chang Ge backagain.

For a court officer, he didn’t care about Youzhou’s security. Zizhen is embarrassed. However Extended Song reprimanded himGao insisted on finishing his assignment. He tied Long Song and abandoned the town before Wang Junguo shut the town gate.

Wang Junkuo wasn’t Gao Du’s competition, and Chang Ge utilized Gao Du to successfully reunite, but he also dropped into Gao Du’s handson. He requested Gao Du to perform with a lengthy tune. Gao was reluctant to play with a very long tune, but he couldn’t see Le Yan accidentally. They had no option but to forego Long Song, also observed Long Song render with A Shile Falcon.

Ashley Falcon covertly mixed, and he took an arrow in the horse, inducing Small Khan to draw the interest of Lieutenant Shen Du. So as to prevent showing his identity, Small Khan needed to abandon the prosperity of Youzhou Mansion Treasury and depart. He also saw the figure of Ashyl Falcon from the dark and could not help but recall Ashyl Falcon more.

Wang Junkuo directed his troops into the Chaifang, and he escorted the lengthy tune, intending to shoot the Prince’s Seal in the very long singer. Ashley Falcon understood that Prince Xi was on Ado, and he requested Ado to wait for him outside town, and then he’d get another way to save Changge. From the darkened, Ashley Falcon heard from Wang Junkuo’s words which Changge was the lord of Yongning County, but today Wang Junkuo protects Changge quite badly, he can not carry on, he could just rescue Changge from his thoughts.
Ashley Falcon understood the identity of Changge, also Changge also suspected that Ashley Falcon had something related to all the grassland.

She persuaded Ashley Falcon to depart Youzhou whenever you can, and she doesn’t want Ashley Falcon to look after her affairs in the long run. Ashley Falcon said that Youzhou’s situation isn’t calm, and doesn’t desire Long Song to keep at Youzhou, but Long Song doesn’t enjoy Ashley’s love. Come to injury Datang. Listening to the, Ashley Falcon had no option but to quit demanding, and just left the treasured sword to Changge for self.
Le Yan was lonely in the inn awaiting a lengthy song to spare Shuyu back.


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