The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 7 Recap


Shuyu didn’t anticipate that Changge would assist Li Yuan in captivity. He expected that Changge would go back to Changan and acknowledge his guilt. Li Shimin would certainly spare Changge’s life. Changge sneered. She’d never replicate the mistakes of this Donggong, although Changge didn’t kill uncle. Yu, but required Shuyu to prison.

Changge examined the present situation for Li Yuan. Today Li Shimin is ashamed on either side, and the military is going to be sprinkled and guarded. In the event the Youzhou army may also strike it in 2 ways, then both armies won’t be prosperous, and the entire world is going to be settled. Changge also took the decrees she’d composed.

Changge was injured in her hand due to fighting Shuyu. Li Yuan sent individuals to trace Changge secretly. After the scene had been viewed by Ashley Falcon from the darkened, Ashley Falcon was puzzled. Not merely did Li Yuan send individuals to stick to the very long tune, he analyzed the schooling in his hands and revealed that the seal was a fresh one, and also the crown prince was put among the musicians that were long. Wang Junkuo also chose to collaborate with Ashley Falcon, also he sent people from town to wait.

He watched Changge’s eyes with tears, and he could not help feeling shame. He whined he had been in a lousy mood and went outside with Changge for comfort. I am able to feel better for your lengthy tune. Now Youzhou City isn’t calm, Ashley Falcon would like to allow Changge depart whenever you can, but Changge believes he has sufficient self-protection skill, but convinced Ashley Falcon to depart early after doing company, and Ashley Falcon also just Nodding their heads in reaction, both still hid themselves into each other.

Since Wang Junkuo decided to betray, the primary goal was Li Yuan. Chang Ge was profoundly terrified of Li Yuan’s departure. She moved back into the Dudu’s Mansion to rescue Li Yuan without mentioning anything, however, Wang Junkuo also hurried to the mansion together with troops, and he intended to encircle and suppress the 2 nephews and uncles.

Luckily, Ashele Falcon helped in secret and stored both of these.
The decrees were coated by the seal of this prince. She composed the decrees below the title of Li Jiancheng. At this moment, the messenger out of Chang’an arrived to the home, Wang Junkuo wished to select the messenger in order to invigorate the military, Changge arrived with Wang Junkuo, suddenly discovered the messenger out of Chang’a was Shuyu.

Chang Ge returned into Chaifang, and she understood that somebody had been after her covertly now, however she had no foundation, and now she’s the only one relying on Li Yuan. At nighttime, Ashyl Falcon came out the timber home. He recalled all of the deeds because he struck Chang Ge, also could not help but respect Chang Ge’s sort of plan and daring odd girl.
Small Khan arrived at Youzhou City, he brought news about the Great Khan, and he looked after those affairs of Youzhou City.

The Great Khan moved the Ashyl Falcon into Shuozhou, and Ashyl Falcon was heartbroken. Some are reluctant, but they must take their orders. She had to take care to conceal it. A Dou and Chang Ge didn’t reside together.
Chang Ge took Li Yuan into the location where she dwelt. She was seeking A Dou, however, Li Yuan revealed flaws and desired Chang Ge to find out things. Wang Junkuo’s betrayal was done with them so as to allow Changge come out.

At this time, Atou was going to return to his chamber. He was quite pleased to observe that the amount of Chang Ge. Before Ah Dou came ahead, Ashley Falcon immediately stopped him. If At this moment, Atou stepped ahead. , Prince Xi should fall into Li Yuan’s handson.

So as to maintain Gao Du, Le Yan requested Gao Du to remain with herself constantly. If Gao felt uneasy because she had been lonely with her widows at the middle of the night, Le Yan kept pulling Gao Du, no Cease talking to Gao Du. In the long run, Gao Du could not bear to switch off the light and hugged Le Yan back to bed to rest. He stood in front of Le Yan’s mattress, followed by Le Yan.
Before he left, he also recalled all of the matters and suspected that Changge had been taking the Crown Prince’s Seal. She tracked Wang Junkuo into the exterior of town. She unintentionally discovered that Wang Junkuo had murdered Li Yuan and was planning to turn into a private soldier.

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