The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 6 Recap


Gao did not refute Le Yan’s words, but abandoned the private shield to Shuyu, covertly tracking Shuyu’s every movement, and sent Le Yan back to break. On the flip side, Chang Ge visited with the Dudu Mansion back again. She disclosed her identity. Li Yuan was really happy that Chang Ge was alive. Come and assist Li Yuan.

Du Ruhui truthfully maintained that Changge had gone Youzhou, also Youzhou had been the gateway into the Tang Dynasty. Li Shimin was a bit sad that Changge needed to fight him to the finish. Changge was young and couldn’t differentiate between good and bad. If somebody who would like to utilize the crown prince at the very long singer to perform something negative to the Tang Dynasty, the effects will be catastrophic.
At Youzhou City, Chang Ge sat on the roof considering his mother. He inquired why Chang Ge appeared at the capital. Chang Ge hidden his identity. She didn’t need to disclose her true identity, nor didn’t ask concerning the individuality of Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon just treated like she didn’t understand the girl of Chang Ge.

Both tacitly hidden what they’d done, and just ready to return to the inn. Who knows, both are very fate, not just are they likely to the exact same location, but they also reside at precisely the exact same inn. It is only that Ashley Falcon resides in Shanghaoya Room, while Changge resides in a darkened wooden area.
At nighttime, Chang Ge composed a letter from the timber home. Ashley Falcon attracted Alor to watch Wang Junkuo. Wang Junkuo was mad that there wasn’t anything about the Ashley Falcon carriage, but Ashley Falcon disclosed his identity, stating that he would make Wang Junkuo living. Youzhou is no more the Youzhou it was. Wang Junguo secretly hid ores independently to increase troops for the purpose of independently casting iron gear.

Ashley Falcon returned into the area, he could not help but grin when he thought about this figure of Chang Ge. Actually, Yaluo additionally reported the 2 thousand rock ore which Wang Junkuo desired to Ashley Falcon, and Ashley Falcon will fulfill this long-awaited acquaintance for a short time. She had been stressed that Shuyu was at risk. She hid from the carriage, but had been detected by both on the road. Gao desired to ship Le Yan straight back to Luoyang. Le Yan desired to trace her. In Shuyu’s side, Shuyu needed to take Le Yan together with him, taking complete responsibility for Le Yan’s security.

Both cried, Chang Ge appeared at Ashley Falcon’s cherished sword, and could not help but keep in mind that she’d followed Li Shimin to find out art because she was a kid. Each of the last came into mind, Chang Ge was miserable, and just ready to catch up and return to the area. Recognizing this, Chang Ge staggered and nearly dropped to the roofing. Ashley’s eyes immediately hugged Changge. Chang Ge appeared at Ashley’s complexion, and he could not help feeling just a tiny bit enthused in his center.
Wang Junkuo didn’t consent to Ashley Falcon, but covertly sent someone to discover where Ashley Falcon had been stationed, but Ashley Falcon was ready for quite a while.
Changge went to ask about the information, and found the gate of this Dudu Mansion was shut.

Changge needed to fight decent news together with all the soldiers out. He discovered that Li Yuan was shut since Li Jiancheng’s accident. It may be observed that Li Yuan can also be a type of love. Guy of. On the flip side, Aro, the ore transporter ordered by Ashle Falcon, actually attracted the interest of their goalkeeper. He opened his mouth to inquire Aro for 2 thousand rock ores. After the ore was got, he intentionally removed Aro and arrived into a god. Unconsciously.
Shuyu wanted to ship Le Yan back into the inn to rest. Le Yan understood Gao Du’s head, she ceased Gao Du as a princess, so allow Shuyu go to work, and Gao Du personally shielded her constantly.

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