The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 5 Recap


Chang Ge was injured by an arrow. Ashley Falcon stepped forward to rescue Changge, but he also found that Changge was a girl. When Changge awakened, Ashley Falcon hidden her understanding of the individuality of Changge. Changge was extremely watchful. She denied Ashley Falcon’s aid, and just gritted her teeth to pull the arrow that was broken, and took a sip. liqueur.

At Youzhou City, Ashley Falcon intentionally ordered for his subordinates to smuggle coal mines, bringing the eye of their goalkeeper and preparing to learn more about the fact of Youzhou City. There was nothing to be entangled at the both of them. They simply lived from the darkened wood home, while Ashley Falcon and his party moved to the exceptional room. He considered that Li Shimin wouldn’t save his lifeso he was prepared to die. Li Shimin is a virtuous individual. At this time, Li Shimin sent a person to deliver a food box. Wei Zheng originally believed it was the toxin that got him Huangquan, but Li Shimin had a terrific heart. What he delivered was Wei Zheng’s treasured beers.

This cherries was created by the crown prince. Cooking in person is sufficient to signify Li Shimin’s sincerity.
When he noticed that Li Shimin was concerned about Le Yan’s union, in addition, he chose to provide Li Shimin a plan to get Le Yan from their union. . When Li Shimin returned into the mansion, he also educated Le Yan based on Wei Zheng’s petition. Le Yan must announce to the external world he had a peculiar disorder, which the disorder required to visit Luoyang for therapy. Ashley Falcon ordered individuals to locate clothes and wound medication for Changge.

The both of them drank alcohol collectively, but they hid their identities. The title is Qin Zhun, also Changge is aliased into Shisi Lang, and they’ve made friends with one another. Li Changge conveys the Prince’s Seal within his entire body, along with also the Prince’s Seal is of wonderful significance. Shuyu delivered Le Yan into Luoyang Palace.

He initially wanted to return to Chang’a, but Gao Du attracted the prince’s verbal purchase. Shuyu did not need to return to Chang’a, but followed closely Gao Du into Youzhou City to catch the seal of this lengthy tune and summon. When he watched Chang Ge’s figure, he’d remove it straight. In case Shuyu stopped himhe would likewise remove it. Le Yan at the area heard that his words. More concerned about Shuyu. Du Ruhui understood that Li Changge and Shuyu needed a profound connection.

He believed that Changge would certainly find Shuyu, therefore that he requested Gao Du to keep a watch on Shuyu. The moment Changge appeared, he’d return the Prince’s Seal and eliminate Longge. As everybody understands, Changge and Atou have met at this moment, and Atou officially bowed his mind to apprentice, and opted to follow Li Changge into Youzhou. Youzhou governor Li Yuan had an excellent connection with Li Jiancheng, and Chang Ge will inquire Li Yuan for assistance, persuading Li Yuan to send troops to assist and avenge her loved ones. Though Li Shimin is generous and kind, he can not help being cruel to get a significant strategy. He secretly demonstrates to Du Ruhui, requesting Du Ruhui to regain the Prince’s Seal in any cost, even when he kills Extended Song.

After that, Le Yan arrived to view Li Shimin. She cried Li Shimin to forego the lengthy tune, but Li Shimin left Le Yan overlook the lengthy tune. Without awaiting Le Yan to believe more, he delivered a union royal decree into the East Palace, and Le Yan was appointed a princess and became the union partner of Datang. Li Shimin appeared at Le Yan crying and could not help but think of Extended Song’s male soul. The trip to Luoyang was way away, and Li Shimin ordered for Shuyu to accompany him. Considering Le Yan’s spine, he knew in his heart which Le Yan would know what he did later on.

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