The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 4 Recap


Shuyu was made by Gaodu, but Gaodu talked out to excite the connection between the two. It had been stated this was the lengthy tune that Shuyu attracted him to catch. They chased the very long tune all of the way and pushed into a dead end.

Long tune would rather die than return. Gao Du attracted his arrow in the lengthy tune. Seeing that Gao constantly wished to kill the lengthy tune, Shuyu needed to take a chilly arrow in the lengthy tune . Though Shuyu’s arrow wouldn’t hit the secret of this lengthy tune, in addition, it allow the very long tune. Song dropped off the cliff.

Subsequently Li Shimin ordered a group of soldiers to change into civilian clothing to create a secret identification, figure the lengthy tune, and educated Fang Yi to pick to Extended Song brought it back living. In terms of Le Yan, he penalized Le Yan to consider it behind closed doors.

Li Shimin heard of the reduction of Crown Prince Xi, he purchased an investigation of Chang’an City, and have to retrieve the very long tune. Seeing her nearly exposed her individuality, the little beggar Adou who’d followed her rescued Chang Ge’s life. He wished to worship Chang Ge because his instructor and operate with Chang Ge. He had been confounded by the individuality of Changge, along with his interest in extended tunes became increasingly extreme.

Li Shimin arrived at the Wei mansion. He wished to inquire Wei Zheng to come outside for assistance. He refused to cling to Li Shimin. Fang Xuanling listened to the motion beyond the doorway, and he hurried outside to prevent the both of them. Even though Li Shimin was mad at Wei Zheng for not understanding what’s good or poor, in addition, he obeyed Fang Xuanling’s words and abandoned .

Gao Du researched the spreader of this rumor from the military. He also followed the fishy clues about the notice and discovered that the fishmonger linked to the issue. After asking, he learned that this issue might not have been the job of Li Changge. After viewing the fishmonger being captured publicly, Ashley Falcon’s entourage hurriedly reported on Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon carefully observed something was wrong. He reasoned they had disclosed their identities, so that he intended to depart Chang’an. Ahead of the group of individuals abandoned, Chang He headed individuals to pursue him. He fulfilled Chang Ge about the way.

There was a priest behind Chang Ge who had been following after him. She needed to rob A Shi in despair. Changge inadvertently dropped the fish allure whilst escaping. The fish allure proved to be a land of the Wei family. It had been picked up by Chang He handed to Gao Du. Gao Du utilized the fish allure to sabotage Shuyu and requested Shuyu to assist him capture Changge. .

Gao Du ordered individuals to stop in the heart of town. He ceased Ashyl Falcon’s caravan and wished to hunt Chang Ge’s figure, but Chang Ge concealed exceptionally closely, and she was able to escape town with Ashyl Falcon’s help. Away from the town, Ashley Falcon admitted Changge’s beloved sword, and he gave Changge a horse, believing that both could not find each other . Changge and Ashley were split.

She and Ah Dou satisfied together, and both were searching for a means to escape town. It had been the Assile Falcon’s guys who dressed as the previous caravan to escape town. Changge and Assile Falcon fulfilled again. Changge expects that Ashley Falcon will help her from town, and both reached an arrangement.

Following Changge leaves the town safely, she’s prepared to provide Ashley Falcon the treasure within her entire body. A Dou isn’t a desired individual. Chang Ge concealed in Ash Lefalcon’s caravan and moved from town. She requested A Dou to await her in a ten-liting beyond the city. If she didn’t arrive in 3 times, A Dou wouldn’t need to wait any more.
Currently the officials at the funds are seeing Li Shimin’s deeds and words, fearing that Li Shimin’s amnesty for its Second Wang Party Yu is only a lie.

Fang Xuanling understands Li Shimin’s anxieties nicely, therefore when he cites Wei Zheng, Wei Zheng will help Li Shimin fix these concerns. Li Changge was increased as a priest, and he considered that army rumors were passed by Li Changge. If Li Changge isn’t eliminated now, it’ll be a significant catastrophe in the long run. Du Ruhui passed over the elimination of Li Changge into Gaodu.

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