The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 24 Recap


Ashley Falcon ventured out to see Long Song. He saw that someone had changed the medicine for Long Song. Long Song confessed to Ashley Falcon that Princess Yi Ting came to change the medicine for her and gave her some food. Ashley Falcon was deeply afraid of Changge’s accident. He told Changge that in this royal court, no one could believe Changge except him. As Kuritai is about to find a way to pick up Long Song, Long Song is unwilling to leave because General Luo Yi is here. She wants to rescue Luo Yi desperately, and hopes Ashley Falcon will not stop her. . Ashley Falcon hugged the long song in his arms, and he let the long song live well. In his heart, it is important that everything in the world is invincible to the long song.


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