The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 21 Recap


Chang Ge was arrested wearing the clothes of a wolf teacher, and the Great Khan angered Scheer. She slapped Changge on the spot, wondering why Changge would pretend to be a member of the wolf army. Chang Ge kept claiming that she was a subordinate of the Wolf Army. Her recklessness today just wanted to avenge Li Shimin too much. Her whole family died at the hands of Li Shimin. She only hoped that the Great Khan could give her another chance. Sheer just wanted to know why Changge framed him. Changge sneered. If she succeeded in killing Li Shimin today, how could Sher deny that she was a wolf master. Long Song’s words successfully aroused the Great Khan’s suspicion of the Wolf Master, and the Great Khan once again angered the Wolf Master.


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