The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 20 Recap


Ashley Falcon pointed out that Changge followed him all the way, just trying to figure out the falconer’s marching route, and then pass it on to Datang. Chang Ge did not deny that now she is already a man of war, even if she stops the eagle, there are other troops, but she can’t do it if she is to stay out of the matter.

The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 20 Recap

Changge wondered why Ashyl Falcon would lead the Eagle Master to this muddy water. Ashyl Falcon frankly told Changge that, excluding the Eagle Master, the Great Khan had used hundreds of thousands of people.

This time the expedition, the Great Khan. It is inevitable. Afterwards, Ashley Falcon ordered someone to send the Long Song back to the Eagle Master to stay there. He hoped that the Long Song would stop making trouble. Long Song told Ashley Falcon that if Ashley Falcon really did something unfavorable to the Tang Dynasty, She would never forgive Ashyl Falcon, she didn’t want Ashyl Falcon to force her to meet Ashyl Falcon one day.


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