The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 2 Recap


When Li Changge returned into the mansion, Li Jiancheng understood about Changge’s female disguised as a guy about the court. He commended Li Changge and requested Changge to deliver the treasure into his room.

Li Changge’s tone has been dodging, stating only that she’d given the treasure King Qin. King Li Jian never enjoyed King Qin. At this moment, Wei Zheng arrived to watch Li Jiancheng, he explained that a couple of begging words for Li Changge, also followed closely Li Jiancheng into the analysis to go over matters.

Wei Zheng was going to talk into the prince. The Xuanwu gate is shut, the prince home is bloodbathed, and he looks in First, the Wei Mansion will keep Wei Zheng’s standing as loyal and arrogant, and secondly, it could stop Wei Zheng and shield Wei Zheng’s life. Nowadays, whomever he and Wei Zheng could leave the palace for half a measure.

Li Changge arrived at the Lady’s room. She had been a step ahead. The princess didn’t breathe anymore. Changge cried and wondered exactly what occurred. The next mother near the princess took the final breath came to Changge. Chang He also heard the motion and hurried over. Chang He did not anticipate Chang Ge to be living. San Niang ceased Chang He along with his life. Chang Ge watched the treasure knife gave to King Qin around the floor with fantastic pain, and eventually realized the catastrophe of Prince Mansion was.

It had been the Prince’s weak Chang He ordered the final of Xuanwu Gate that moment. He believed it was the Prince who commanded the gate, however, the Lengjian out the town was exceptional to Youzhou, Prince Edward. His subordinates were blocked beyond the town, Ashina Falcon could not help but sneered. He did not anticipate how hard this King Qin was. Now Chang He’s turned into King Qin.

On the way out, Li Changge discovered that the coachman wasn’t going towards Biyongtang. Thinking of this strangeness of this princess in the previous two days, she secretly escaped by the carriage and hurried back into the East Palace. But, Li Changge was a measure late, and also the East Palace Mansion was filled with blood. She had been stunned and shocked, staring in her next uncle with blank eyes.

The following day, the princess sent Biyongtang to depart. She did not shut her eyes to create cakes for Li Changge throughout the evening. Li Changge did not understand that it was a farewell for her entire life. She dropped from anger and dropped the cakes produced by the princess, and she did not wish to phone again. Only this manner could Li Changge reside in peace.

Li Changge altered her clothing and remained in hiding. She accidentally spared a small beggar. She understood that the princess had expected that end. The princess had left her not despise in her own life, but her mother and father expired in adverse conditions, and also the East Palace had been imprisoned. The king of Tang appeared to be deaf and dumb from the palace. The official indifference, how can she’s no hatred, she swears an oath here now, she’ll never give up with no murderer in this life.

Ashina Falcon spread the information that”Prince Qi Wang expired, he is going to be punishable”, prepared to shake the center of Datang’s military. On the other hand, Le Yan also heard concerning the Donggong mutiny out of Gao Du. The information spread by Ashinafalcon propagate through the military, shaking the military’s mind. King Qin was stressing about it. After considering it over and over, he chose to stop.

The queen educated Li Changge tens of countless, and Li Changge never accepted her words to heart. After studying that Li Changge had left the limelight from the Cuju area, the crown prince conquer Li Changge for the very first time in her life. She requested Li Changge to vow before this Guanyin statue and wanted Li Changge be free of hatred in his lifetime. She declares on the place, but when somebody strikes her mom, she’ll despise the other man. She allowed Li Changge package her bag, and she was planning to ship Li Changge into Biyongtang for fourteen days.

Ashina Falcon was staring at each movement of the East Palace. Li Chunfeng found a vision whilst celebrating the astrological happening at nighttime. Today’s happening, the reigning king would be the world revolution. He had been worried about his heart and chose to go into the palace instantly.


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