The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 12 Recap


Chang Ge requested Qin Lao to locate a secret space for her. She moved into the secret area, and Xu Feng reported that the movement outdoors to Chang Ge. Chang Ge chose to alter it, but Xu Feng needed to take action.

Afterwards, Xufeng moved to Gongsun’s Mansion to track Simatu’s every movement, but had been detected by Simatu who Simatu had assaulted Xufengqu, also Xufeng needed to betray the lengthy tune so as to endure, not just robbed the lengthy tune to Simatu, but additionally At the petition of Simatu, the knife had been pierced into Changge’s torso.
The seal is no more than a lifeless item. Can encircle the hearts of all the planet’s horses and soldiers.

Changge’s approach of inviting the enemy differs from Gongsun Heng. Heng’s way of utilizing troops, he understood it wasn’t Gongsun Heng who directed the troops in this moment, but another ace.
He thanked everybody for their help. With no Changge, Shuozhou City are at risk now. Following this catastrophe, everybody also dispelled their worries and precautions about Changge. The article of captain.

He inadvertently discovered Changge concealing in Shuozhou on the roads of Shuozhou City. The Eagle Division burnt the granary in Shuozhou and formally excite the town of Shuozhou. The eagle has came at the eastern swamp, also Changge has requested for an arrangement to fight. She’s prepared to direct her troops into the east to satisfy with the enemy, and also fulfill with the eagle for some time.

At nighttime, Chang Ge thought about understanding the Way of saving Gongsun Heng. Gongsun Heng did not examine the very long tune. He handed the note made by Gongsun Heng into Changge. The tune can move the horses and soldiers of all Shuozhou City. Gongsun Heng has ever been popular. Now that Gongsun Heng is murdered, both generals from town listened to the control of this lengthy tune. It was just then that the lengthy tune understood that the sentence which was solid in the start.

Simatu recorded the record of descending tables and committed it to the Ashile tribe. Mu Jin discovered that Li Zhubo of Gongsun Mansion was managed. He advised Ashley Falcon Regarding the matter, also Ashyl Falcon concerned about Li Ge in his center. He understood that Tukhashe would direct the bear branch to attack town , so he requested Mu Jin to purchase a group of troops to accompany Tukhashe tomorrow, to not allow Tukhashe expire directly.

He advised Changge it had been Shuozhou’s soldier talisman. Not even the sacred jade seal may mobilize Shuozhou’s horses and soldiers, and Shuozhou’s soldiers. The horses and soldiers simply recognize Gongsun Heng. Currently, Simatu is preparing to start the Shuozhou authorities treasury. He would like to make peace with Ashele, also Changge is concerned about how to save Gongsun Heng. The split to the prison is just Sima. It is just under the image.

The following day, Tukha setup soldiers to arrive at the town of Shuozhou, Simatu travelled from town to offer you a record of surrenders. Tukhashe was proud of her heart, however a lengthy arrow struck the both of them humiliated, and she watched Changge standing on the wall using a bow and arrow that He stared aggressively in the Assile tribe, that had been behaving aggressively in front of himwithout any fear. Tukhashe didn’t anticipate the episode of Shuozhou’s descent into the town would change. He became mad on the place and murdered Simatu. Changge saw the power of this Assile tribe. She arranged the arrow to be published and murdered the Assile tribe . Later, Changge played with a semaphore and requested the military to hurry the Asile tribe to the river. She’d put up an ambush from the river as ancient as the Asile tribe had been undefeated and the whole army had been wiped out.

Sima Tu discovered a offense to be set on Gongsun Heng, also delivered individuals to accumulate Gongsun Heng’s soldier talisman. Both maintained that the mansion was a burglar, and the soldiers talisman vanished, and Wang Shiwei, who arrived to gather the soldiers talisman, returned with no success. How do Wang Shiwei understand this is a drama between the two, he gave Gongsun Mansion a regular interval, if he can not get the soldier allure following three days, do not consider serenity in Gongsun Mansion.

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