The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 11 Recap


Simatu requested Gongsun Heng to Cover the mansion to get a remark. Simatu was the main of this march. Although Gongsun Heng understood that Simatu had no goals, he did not care about Simatu’s face and decided to proceed alone.

The threat this is unknown, and also the town of Shuozhou is at risk. Gongsun Heng educated Mrs. Qin to briefly deliver the military capacity to the singer when he can not return. Mr. Qin can help Changge split the enemy collectively and protect the side who resides in Shuozhou Individuals.

Ashley Falcon found the effortless defensive and hard points of Shuozhou City. When he had been celebrating the habits of Shuozhou City on the road, he happened to hurried in the noodles. Extended song with no cash. Ashley Falcon once more relieved Changge, also Changge delivered Ashley Falcon from town. Ashley wanted to convince Changge to depart Shuozhou.
Gongsuncheng attracted his weak Xu Feng to watch Chang Ge. At that moment, three things have been concealed on the wall. They’ll open the gate to battle and they’ll surely win this. war.

Gongsun Hengda’s secrets honored Gongsun Hengda, and Gongsun Heng could not help but consider King Qin back afterward. The King Qin employed the way of breaking up the enemy awarded by Changge to crack his bloodstream and win the conflict. Hearing Li Shimin’s title, Chang Ge just gritted her teeth and suffered everything. She didn’t disclose her identity, and just sent a touch of support to the court based on Gongsun Heng’s order.

Changge discovered that Gongsun Heng was going to venture out to watch Simatu and talk about the problem of the northern shield. Changge wished to proceed together, but Gongsunsi denied the Changge, also Changge no more insisted on it, just believing it would be a lengthy one in Japan.

When Xufeng returned into Fufeng, he had been anxious to deliver news that Gongsun Heng was arrested out of Sima Mansion. Old Qin created a critical choice. He, Xufeng and Changge understood about this information. Xufeng should continue to keep a watch on Sima Mansion, and he’ll do it tomorrow. In terms of Changge, just remain in the mansion without any motion.

Chang Ge and A Dou hurried to Shuozhou City, also Chang Ge advised Gongsun Heng of this information the Asile tribe was going to assault town, so that Gongsun Heng instantly burnt the wolf smoke to frighten him. Seeing that Ashile’s soldiers were coming, Gongsun Heng wasn’t half worried. Chang Ge could not help but speak about Gongsun Heng’s inability to utilize soldiers. Gongsun Heng needed to purchase Chang Ge and Adou back into the mansion to break. Chang Ge was frustrated with Gongsun Heng. She could not help wondering if this Shuozhou town was the most suitable one.
He lobbied Simatu and desired Simatu to treason together with him vote for Ashele, but Simatu didn’t say anything.

If Changge had been prepared, he would go with him into the grassland. Changge refused. Ashyl was going to strike the town, and he had his subordinates remaining north.
Changge had discovered the craft of warfare, and she suddenly utilized the Yanyue Formation by Gongsun Heng. Gongsun Heng was interested in Changge’s abilities and knowledge.

He requested Changge to sit down and discuss another technique of deploying troops. Changge uttered the following system of installation, and he also understood about Gongsunheng’s ambush. It was only a bluff, and there weren’t numerous ambushes in Shuozhou City. She shifted her prior attitude and admired Gongsun Heng’s usage of soldiers such as a god. Though Changge was reckless, she simply risked her passing to scale the town wall for the interest of these folks.

After losing the conflict, Tukhasu’s mindset was extremely arrogant, and Ashyl Falcon did not take care of Tukhasu a lot of, just saying that he’d report everything to the Great Khan because it had been. Gongsun Heng’s vigilance was increased by the terror of this Assile tribe. He understood that Assile’s real powerful soldiers hadn’t yet appeared. Changge was quite surprised the Shuozhou city really needed reinforcements.

Gongsun Heng requested Changge to Examine the map. There was a river involving Shuozhou and also the Asile tribe. The river has been unprotected and also the Assile tribe went and came. Changge is smart and witty. She suggested to Gongsun Heng the river channel ought to be shifted into a battle station, and she presented her own way of breaking up the enemy.

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