The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 10 Recap


Ashyl Falcon returned into the grassland. He attracted the Khan Order. This moment, Xiong Jun was solely accountable to the affairs of Shuozhou. He aided in the direction of Ashyl Falcon. Eagle master, though Ashyl Falcon understood that Tuka had always been poor, he had no feeling of fear.

The following day,” Chang Ge and Atou were drifting around at the home, but everybody in the home was on guard against them both, and they needed to venture out to take a peek, find out about the regional habits and locate new discoveries. It occurred that Changge fulfilled Gongsun Heng who had been troubled by the individuals of Shuozhou. She provided her thoughts to get Gongsun Heng. Gongsun Heng has ever cherished talents. When he noticed Changge still has any tips about how government affairs, she could not help but rejoice in her heart. The trust between Song and Atou can be just a tiny bit longer.

Ashley Falcon was reluctant to possess greater disputes with Xiong Master, just after Xiong Master’s reckless activities, he was prepared to sneak to Shuozhou to learn.
Su Su drunk Hai Lao, she arrived to Le Yan to wake Le Yan, allow Le Yan assist her escape, even after she escaped, she’d definitely save Le Yan and proceed with her. She just believed in Su Su and requested Su Su to escape out of the cave onto her shoulder, but Su Su dismissed Le Yan and ran away, leaving Le Yan lonely at the corner yelling. .

Gongsun Heng did not uncertainty about using individuals. He intentionally informed Chang Ge Regarding the information out of Chang’an City. Chang Ge was in the middle of the evening. Visited the analysis room and struggled with Mr. Qin. Qin asked concerning the identity of this lengthy tune, but the very long tune didn’t disclose it. Old Qin guessed the very long tune came in Chang’an.

The Following Day, Le Yan awakened in the timber home. She could not watch Eilao, she understood that Eilao had detected Susu’s escape. Elder Hai captured Su Su back in the morning, and if Le Yan opened the doorway, he saw Su Su’s figure dangling upside down to the doorway, and she could not help but shake, and was fearful and cried again. On the flip side, Gongsun Heng abandoned Changge and Atou, allow Changge remain in Gongsun’s mansion for a master, also Atou had been Changge’s helper.

He wrongly believed that the lengthy tune was delivered by Chang’an and wished to return Gongsun Heng army power. Chang Ge clarified that she only wanted to locate somewhere to reside in Shuozhou. Old Qin did not take care of Chang Ge’s thoughts and past. He just warned Chang Ge. If Chang Ge doesn’t go Gongsun Mansion, he won’t. Proceed a lengthy tune.

Changge came in Shuozhou, also found that Shuozhou was calm and the people lived and worked in peace and bliss. This was because of Gongsun’s honest and caring for those. Gongsunheng has been a famous general from the Sui Dynasty. Changge felt somewhat concerned in his heart, and that I do not understand how to convince Gongsun. Heng helped her increase soldiers and function as king. At this time, Adou also arrived at Shuozhou and discovered that the lengthy tune.
Luckily, Chang Ge and A Dou was able to rescue themand both returned safely. But, Chang Ge and A Dou additionally entered the Gongsun Mansion and fulfilled Gongsun Heng. Chang Ge hidden his true identity and requested Gongsun Heng to get a reward.

Gongsun Heng was really vigilant. He doubted whether Changge rescued his wife and daughter . Unwilling to take the lengthy Song and A Dou, but Mrs. Gongsun cautioned to both, Gongsun Heng needed to leave both first, prepared to check both .
Many of these were leaders who may fight. Du Ruhui was very mad with Wei Zheng’s activities, but Li Shimin wasn’t too surprised. Le Yan hasn’t yet been traced up to now. He’s lost a lengthy song and cannot shed Le Yan again.

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