The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 1 Recap


Xin Sili of this grassland tribe spoke to Datang about talking relatives. He enjoyed Le Yan. King Qin was reluctant to ship Le Yan into the grassland along with his relatives. However, Li Jiancheng had wanted to ruin King Qin.

Seeing that Xin Si Li had the significance of Building a connection, he encouraged Xin Si Li into the East Palace for a conversation. As everybody knows, the union suggested by Xin Sili was an evaluation place by Ashina Falcon. Seeing that Datang was anxious to request union, Ashina Falcon believed the Tang Dynasty was vacant. It is Only a probe to the Truth of the Tang Dynasty.

Both of them are gorgeous and lovely. The distinction is that Le Yan is tender and well-behaved. But, Li Changge gets the epic look of a young guy. She’s daring and willful. There’ll be a Cuju match, also Li Changge will require Le Yan to watch Cuju. Le Yan admired a graceful guy named Shuyu. She embroidered a peace emblem for Li Changge and ready for Shuyu in precisely the exact same moment.

When both hurried to the Cuju area, they suddenly commented the cold-blooded and unkind Gao was slaughtering the servants. . Li Changge hurriedly pulled Le Yan off, but Le Yan inadvertently dropped the serenity symbol into the floor and has been picked up by Gao Du.

The princess did not wait to visit Li Jiancheng, but this time she brought some snacks and came back into the analysis to locate Li Jiancheng. Before visiting Li Jiancheng, the prince concubine first discovered that Li Jiancheng was going to do something to King Qin, also could not help being amazed and fearful in her heart.

From the 9th year of Tang Wude, Li Changge was initially the gem in the hands of the East Palace, but escaped in the palace Because of a shift in the palace. It was in that year she and Ashina Falcon needed a lifelong bond. Asna Falcon believed that the present prosperity may not be permanent.
Li Changge, a girl dressed as a guy, rode on the horse. She rescued both, but left having a dashing manner.

Back at the palace, the princess and Li Changge spoke about the messenger about the prairie. These days, there are not many young girls in the palace that are married. The princess can’t help but inform Li Changge to not venture out at will. She’s in this life. The sole openness is to trust Li Changge can remain and reside in Chang’a safely and easily.

From the forests on the outskirts, a legendary girl flees on horseback. Her eyebrows are filled with tenacity. She’s the girl of the first prince Li Changge. This time the court shifted, Li Changge was fortunate enough to escape, she had been heading to Youzhou for assistance, even though she had been pushed into a dead end, Li Changge would rather drive a horse to hurry into the cliff, not inclined to grab it with her palms.

About the courtroom, Le Yan discovered that the security emblem was lost, and Li Changge gave her own security emblem to Le Yan and requested Le Yan to ship it to Shuyu. This match was quite detrimental to Datang. Shuyu was hurt in the match. Le Yan hurried to locate Shuyu. Li Changge additionally had a notion. Compete at a mask. Li Changge combined the Cuju match, also Ashina Falcon also directed the grassland group to take part in the battle.

Ashina Falcon’s young guy was quite aggressive. He was supposed to win the match, but Li Changge’s capability nonetheless impressed him. A tie was attained, and the success or defeat was just in the last objective. The last aim was extremely aggressive. In the long run, Li Changge won the last match, which left Datang cheered. She received a tribute knife in the Prairie Tribe.

Li Changge arrived at King Qin’s mansion, and she talented the sword she won into King Qin. Since age seven, she’s followed King Qin to find out the blade and blade. King Qin took the sword, he collaborated with Changge, and granted Changge the legislation of facing the enemy. Following the competition, King Qin requested Changge to return home , and didn’t neglect to request Changge to greet his mom using a lengthy tune.

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