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The Goddess took me to be a Schoolmaster

The goddess took me to be a schoolmaster (Manga)
Other Name: 女神带我当学霸

Genres: manhua, Harem, in love
Authors: N/A
Chapter: ongoing
Year: N/A
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Luo Fan’s parents, who’ve been missing for several years, suddenly look. Ahead of the family could be reunited, they’re slaughtered by mysterious men and women! Due to the strong obsession, the studying hegemony process is started, and you are able to live your life ! Luo Fan, who’s open, investigates the mystery of the dragon all the way, and also the gods kill and block both the gods and Buddhas. In this lifetime, we have to not just pull off the thick fog regarding the”keel”, allow the preceding life kill him repay his blood, also reestablish his relatives, but also allow the luminous”Pudu” goddess of Xueba’s mild work together against the villains. Use learning to conserve the world!



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