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The Evil Eye update Wednesday 10th March 2021 Starlife



The Evil Eye 10 March 2021 update: Vedsheree states you’re fine? Mohana says that I was fine, she says that you feel helpless and Ansh-Piya aren’t here who will save me? Mohana smirks.

Ansh stops in a dhaba. He belongs to fill bicycle tank. Piya goes to acquire new in bath. Piya calls Nishant and states we’re safe here.
Panna comes there and says that you have to understand truth? Tara says Mayank will learn also.
Piya catches Ansh. Ansh races off and moves smoke.
Smoke is after them.
Ansh pushes from smoke. He states to Piya she isn’t after us , she wont shed in this way. . She’s shocked.
Shalaka hugs her son’s body also says that I wont spare anybody, they murdered my son. Shalaka says you folks kept his body concealed, I’ll eliminate individual who murdered my son, you tried to conceal but I shall find out, I’ll enter my son’s body and also will find out individual who murdered himand that murderer must die.

She yells Shekhar from floor. Vedsheree shouts in her and runs . Shekhar is hurt. Vedsheree states Mohana is supporting us, we must leave.

She turns out, Adi leaves from that point.
Shalaka comes on street and utilizes Mohana’s own hair to locate Piya and Ansh.

Tara sees bead which she tied to Mick’s toes in his toes.

Scene Two

Shalaka inquires household where’s Piya? Flashback demonstrates how Ansh requested Piya to runaway far. Shalaka states where did they move? I’ll find them, I’ll take revenge from Piya. Vedsheree says she murdered evil power. Shalaka says that he had been my son, I will learn where they’re by entering your own bodies. Vedsheree says it is possible to input any body but wont understand where they’re.

Tara says I’ll show him picture of your actual son. Panna says I’ve hid this picture, you cant locate it. Tara reveals her screenshot she shot in her cellphone and states I took it I will reveal it to Mayank. Panna attempts to shoot her telephone but Tara pushes away her with Sanam. Panna cries. Mayank inquires Tara why he pushed away his mother? Tara says we discovered any facts, you’re not her son, she’s not your real mom. Tara says that I can establish it. Mayank says I understand fact, she’s my mom, she didnt return but she took me , we forgot it because it doesnt matter. Tara says we discovered lots of things . Mayank says that her real son expired, we forgot all of this, dont bring this up. Tara says she’s maintained many things concealed. Mayank says , dont even say a word against my mom. Mayank begins leaving with Panna however Tara says that her real son is living.
Shalaka claims to Mohana I dont trust you, I dont really want your aid, I will discover Ansh with your own hair. She chooses her own hair and says I’ll find them but I have to look after you folks. Shalaka ties household in smoke storm also says that I will send you to smoke entire world. Mohana states no, please hear. Shalaka uses her abilities to send entire family to smoke entire world.
All household members are surrounded with smoke but unexpectedly it moves off. Vedsheree says we’re in smoke entire world, I feel helpless. They view their finger turned gloomy. Vedsheree states where’s Mohana? All of them look around.

Mohana claims to household you cant runaway out of me. Chitali says you shifted and now ? Mohana says that I always wanted to complete you and Ansh isn’t here to save . Chitali says consider God. Mohana catches her and lifts her into atmosphere, she says that I will complete you . Vedsheree asks her to depart Chitali differently I’ll throws gangajal in you. Mohana leaves Chitali and states that this gangajal didnt get anything to me personally. Vedsheree says lets conduct.

Vedhseree asks Ansh to visit Piya and Adi, she wants you. Ansh states how do I leave you ? Vedsheree says only go, ” he leaves. Shalaka comes out and yells that Piya murdered my son, where’s she? Mohana comes there and remembers flashback the way Piya’s dagger didnt kill Rahul therefore that she chased him smoke and nobody noticed that its Mohana who really killed him from behind. Flashback ends.
Chitali claims to Shalaka you arrived for Mohana, you are able to take her. Shalaka says , I’ll locate Piya and takes my own revenge. Shekhar states that you cant find them on the planet so take Mohana and depart. Mohana comes there and states you folks attempted to backstab me? I’ll make her locate Piya now. Vedsheree says you guaranteed Ansh. Mohana says I’m a witch so that myself comes to me. She states to Shalaka which I’ll force you to locate Piya but you need to leave my entire life afterward. Vedsheree pleads her not to betray but Mohana belongs to Shalaka.

Piya asks sausage for milk. Piya sits on bicycle, they push away.

Tara informs Mayank that Panna’s actual son is living and he resides here. Tara says recall I watched a guy with green eyes, he’s her son, he’s in her room at this time. Mayank says prove that you’re stating fact. They dont find anybody there. Sanam says , he had been here. Tara sees a person standing behind cutrain. Tara appears on.

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