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The Evil Eye update Tuesday 30th March 2021 Starlife



The Evil Eye 30 March 2021 update: Authorities comes and claims to Naman your spouse did a murder. You can not move anyplace. Bring us we could detain you. Ansh says what’s this? I’ll inform you if I visit my wife.

Mohana comes from Ansh’s home to sneak Adi. He believes Piya’s existence and leaves from there. Mohana arrives to Adi and says . Adi becomes of rock. Mohana utilizes Piya’s earring and states your mom sent it. Ansh hears sound and states why I believe Piya is here? Adi? He sees Piya’s earring and states she took Adi out there? He yells Piya. .
Nishant and Saanvi Matches Piya in jungle. They reveal her witch mountain that’s hanging there.

Ansh break items in anger and says we dont want devik here. Piya calls him he doesnt pickup.
Piya says we must reach there to receive it. Nishant states Nishant says its not simple, wicked forces are there and we cant accomplish readily. Piya uses her abilities to strike it doesnt budge. Nishant says it maybe not that simple. Piya says that I wont lose hope. She breaks witch hill with her power. They see jar that they want hanging there. Nishant states who will reach it? Piya recalls Ansh flying and states Ansh can perform it.
Piya asks them to operate. Ansh is on the lookout for Piya. Ansh states Piya. . He’s out. Namna states why did you operate? Sanam states I was fearful. I didn’t kill anybody. Naman says who murdered her.
Naman inquires dil ruba if did you visit the cave? She says I believed it had been mausi somebody was after me . It ended up being a heels sound. Naman states who is it? Ama states it was a girl? Naman says we must go there to locate her.

Mohana arrives to Nishant’s home and informs Piya not to attempt contact Ansh along with his loved ones, why were you calling him? Piya seems on. Mohana states you believed that I wouldnt understand? Flashback demonstrates how she used her abilities to listen to what they discuss in house. I’m tired of visiting your crying face. Piya states I am prepared to leave this town but I’ve a state, I would like my son, I never depart .
Piya Requires Adi. She states that the earring saved him. Mohana states I left it all there. Mohana says I did not have time. Piya says Ansh will come here. Mohana says he much better . He’ll kill you. Ansh comes.
Shekhar says that you don’t have to understand what it is. Shekhar says please inform yes. Chitali states can we rescue her out of this? Nishant opens it 2 lights come out. He states these are death and life capsules.

Scene 1
He states mausi was murdered . However, there are not any footprints. He states I believe that the killer came in the shrub.

Avi states Nishant we must do something. Nishant states Piya wont allow anything to take place. Chitali says she’s a devik. Shekhar states but I can not sit. I am quite scared. Nishant says there’s nothing is our palms. A box drops. Nishant picks. Shekhar says what’s it?

He sees Mausi lying and stabbed. A girl sees Mausi’s body also says murder. She runs from that point. Naman says authorities will come and believe I murdered her. Dilruba says it is possible to run. Naman states that I cant leave my Mausi similar to this. Dilruba says I guarantee to imli whom I didnt kill her.

Mohana claims to Piya I will do it if it gets you leave this town.
Ansh inquires nishant where’s piya? He states I’m working. Ansh states I know she’s here. He states that means Mohana was not doing that. It had been Piya. She attracted adi here. Nishant syas she is not here. Piya is concealed. . Nishant says I will be able to help you locate her. Let us proceed from here. Ansh feels a thing. He states never knew you’d stoop this low. Piya says let’s proceed. Ansh drops. Nishant says operate Piya we do not have another alternative. They operate from that point.
Naman comes with authorities. Witness says I watched her there. Laundry guy comes there and states she’s a monster.

Shekhar claims to conserve vedeshree piya forfeited everything? She got away from her son or daughter. We had been so wrong. Avi says I expect that their misunderstanding clears. Nishant says just that liquid which Mohana had can save .
Chitali claims to Avi bhabhi’s illness is becoming worse. Shekhar says I can not forgive piya for that which she did. Nishant says she did so to rescue him. Mohana chose him to Piya. Nishant says I’ll tell you everything.
Dilruba arrives to sea and sees jewellery there. She asys that is mine. Mausi is attempting to go indoors but a person strikes her.

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