The Evil Eye update Thursday 4th March 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 4 March 2021 update: Sanam states what? Tara tells her what and says I’m not lying. Sanam says I think you, Mayank’s mother Panna doesnt need me to reside here. Tara says that they need something out of me, its harmful here, you depart. Tara says we must obtain exactly what she needs from me.

Tara listen to horse walking and try to watch outdoors, and follow audio. In next secene tara is revealed on balcony and consider sanam and mayank. When sanam come along and convey to her that I’ve confessed that mayank and that I can not turn into one and Mayank was apparent constantly he will marry the man whom his mother chooses and you’re extremely blessed to have him. Mayank have a lot of love in his heart because of his loved ones and now you’re a part of the loved ones.
Mayank’s mum combines something in plain water to teach him his lesson. Sanam come infront of all Mayank automobile.

Rahul Thank Piya for rescuing him Mohana, he renders. Mohana claims to Piya which you need to fulfill guarantee, you need to strike Rahul and kill him.
Mohona believe Rahul is too smart to take care of. Rahul uses his abilities and earn enthusiast fall down. Piya select crying aditya and chaitali say thank god who aditya and Rahul wasn’t beneath enthusiast. Rahul smiles.

Only than elevator open. Chaitali and Vedshree ask them to return and have dinner; we will go out in day.
She chooses him and seems at Piya. She takes him out there.

Vedsheree calls Nishant and states Mohana seems fearful of a child Rahul, he came to dwell with us. Nishant says some wicked power has arrived supporting Mohana, dont assist Mohan whatsoever. She says fine and endings call.
Mohona attempt to shoot elevator, but Rahul into smoke and does not let elevator go. Mohona get scared!! He asks her to proceed,

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however, Mohona denies.

Tara serves tea into sanam. His mother say we broke involvement because it was wanted. Mayank state she had been going to encounter my car, and she had been victim, until everything is nice she will remain here just.
Sanam claims to Tara that Panna hides everything in back, we will need to seek out key for this.

Sanam says we ought to inform Mayank’s mother, Tara says its not mandatory as she’s doing this.
Mohona request Vedshree to create Rahul from home, he’s dangerous. Vedshree state he’s innocent kid, and watch Aditya playing Rahul with large grin and taunt Mohona that Aditya like himjust you’ve got difficulty. Mohona says since he isn’t wonderful. Vedshree says as you’re bad, you believe others .

Mohana is operating away. She’s to Vedsheree and states I’ll go with you. Vedsheree says I will sleep. She leaves. Mohana sees smoke coming from her and runs to couch. Rahul says fine but you’ve got time until tonight just.

Tara attempts to pull on Dilruba up. She gets her sit and also brings water. She inquires Sanam the way you dropped? Sanam says somebody threw me out there, there’s someone . Please rescue me. Sanam says a person was here. Tara sees horse shoe markers there.
Saanvi states we detect truth without understanding why storm came . Nishant states Mohana can place somebody’s life at risk for her. Saanvi gets a few message.

Piya sees Adi playing Ansh and recalls Mohana stated if she doesnt meet her promise then Adi will endure punishment. Piya runs on Adi because he gets struck by toys. Ansh states dont over-react, they’re soft toys, what’s bothering you?
Nishant says is Rathore family home is covered in smoke? He places her hands on snow and it burns off. Nishant says that this smoke came from a different planet.
Tara is looking Panna’s cabinet and locates trunk key. Koel inquires how exactly is she? Koel says mother is in hospital due to Malaria.

Aditya does not do and sleep mischiefs and creating problem ansh and piya. Piya pt blanket and inquire aditya to sleep just like Rahul. Mohona runs out from there however stoped from Rahul, mohona get scared and Rahul smack her again, only than hear a person walkingand mohona hold Rahul. . Piya sees themrahul begin begging to make him depart. . Piya request mohona to depart rahul. Rahul claims to Piya to rescue himI came to drink water just but mohona was bothering me!! Piya request him to relex and state to Mohona to not trouble him.

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