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The Evil Eye update Thursday 11th March 2021 Starlife



The Evil Eye 11 March 2021 update: Mohana throws away the cupboard. He states I’m coming there do not worry.
Shalaka says I’ll make your parents endure. Aadi throws trees . She throws them off. Adi enlarges.

At Rathod home everyone is fearful? Of Mohona forces and attempt to escape her. . Avinash shoot dayan tree?? Roots to create them and they attempt to proceed, when follicles appear again. . Mohona come and grin? . .
Avi states I’ll take you. Mohana says it will not work . Nothing occurs to her. Mohana throws her gun away.

Mohana carries Vedeshree from the cupboard. She says you can not even conceal. Vedeshree screams. Avi places gun on Moahana dn says quit there. Chitali and Shekhar include also. Vedhree runs. Mohana claims that this ganga jal wont work . They throw it . It burns off her to get a second but she’s fine.
Sanam notify Naman that Parrot? Is actual son of Panna and Mayank isn’t and this parrot? Become green eye human also. . Naman jokes ? And parrot turning to human. .

Shalakha almost conquer Piya and throw dragger? Away, she states today Piya goes away before and Ansh and Aditya will remain in current… She’s going to assault Piya, when Ansh and Aditya utilizes their abilities and conserve piya. . Suddenly all of 3 forces are joined to Piya’s dragger? And this. . Piya assault Shalakha dragger? And say to her she agree that she assaulted Rahul, but she just failed itself defence, she wasn’t in strategy to kill Rahul. . Ansh believe? Why Piya is speaking to shalakha rather than killing? her?? Shalakha watch flashback and it reveals piya throwing dragger? Shalakha says she does not think her and throw a few blue powder, making Piya faint, Ansh hold her and Aditya shout? . . Ansh get mad?? And make Dayan circle and maintain capative Shalakha. . He states he’s davansh and understand the way to make dayan? circle. .

Shalakha see aditya shout? And recall her and rahul minutes and get blend expression grin? and sad? , abruptly she catch flashback and realise her piya threw dragger? On rahul’s torso but his body needed blood stain was on back and realises that piya did not murdered his son, she toss her dragger? Towards Ansh and yell to conserve piya and she did not kill? My rahul, somebody else murdered? And goes down beneath ground. .
Guru ji claims to Nishant permits go. He says we must read . Ganga jal is not functioning on Mohana. Somethign isn’t right. Vedeshree arrives to her chamber. Her hand is gloomy. She states what’s occurring. Mohana states this is simply a start. Mohana yells her in plain water. Vedeshree says please allow me to go. Chitali comes and stabs Mohana using a trishul. Chitali says you can not fight against that. She chooses Vedeshree outside and says let us run. Mohana takes it out and states nothing could beat me today. You two will perish.

Vedshree telephone? Nishant for assistance, when he notify her they all have smoke illusion that making them believe? Their fear is a lot larger than truth, and they will need to conquer their anxiety… Vedshree infrom this to other people and all combine when Mohona assault, but they conquer their anxiety and Mohona disables, together with Hanuman Chalisa?? Played in history. .

Shalaka states you can frighten me? I understand how to repair spoilt children just like you. SHe breaks the ring. Aadi cries. Ansh and Piya arrive.
Pana states Eera. . Eera. . Tara says I shipped her. Pana states how dare you. Tanu is sold in. She say what occurred. Sanam comes. She states Tara freed it to get me personally. I’m allergic to pets. They depart. Tara says happy someplace.
Mohana states chutki where would you. Vedeshree is fearful. She hides in a cupboard.

Ansh says that he is extremely smart and has abilities. They see expanded Ansh.

. She’s going to hurt when Ansh utilizes his abilities and choose Aditya from her. . Shalakha attempt to hurt and Ansh attempt to shield, when Piya request him to treat Aditya, its her struggle. . Piya and Shalakha combat with Kohora and Durga abilities and draggers? Respectively with Durga audio?? In desktop…

Ruby is supporting him ? him. Is going to kill? Him, see she’s standing infront of us. Nishant does not find anything but realises he is in illusion and come to conclusion that Rathod household is in illusion because of this smoke. .
Shalaka claims to adi you can not deceive me with your abilities. Your parents took my kid so that I could take theirs.

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