The Evil Eye update Sunday 7th March 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 7 March 2021 update: Shalaka arrives to Ansh and inquires where’s her son Rahul? Shalaka becomes smoke and states I’m queen of smoke planet, where’s Rahul? Vedsheree comes there so that she behaves well and asks Ansh to attract her son, she leaves from that point.
Panna states you wish to playwith? Mayank comes there Tara hides adhere. Mayank comes tehre and inquires what’s this? Tara says she had been doing this.

Naman claims to Saanvi that Mayank can damage Tara. Saanvi says we shall complete monster locket so that electricity doesnt go to anybody, we must find something from animal family to ruin spell. She sees Mayank’s mum’s nail and states Tara gave me.

Shalaka glares at Mohana because she doesnt locate Rahul in refrigerator, Mohana attempts to leave but Shalaka circles .
Tara claims to Panna that Mayank has been performing pooja for you. Panna says I’m worried because he’s going out. Tara says that he isn’t going. Sanam comes there and states aunt called me, she chose medication and she’s fine now. Tara claims to Panna that dont be worried about Mayank as I’m here today. Mayank says . Sanam says Tara is together with him nothing could happen to him.

Saanvi states tell me should you have some strategy.
Panna sees matters throw inside her room and states that woman searched my space? How dare she? She hears Tara stating to Sanam that perhaps Panna isn’t performing all that, possibly Mayank is ailing, Sanam says he’s at risk, you left him fine, perhaps it is possible to rescue Mayank by coming nearer to him? Panna believes they are making things simpler for me personally, she leaves. Tara asks Sanam when she noticed them? Sanam says , we’ll make her feel this.

Shalaka comes from kitchen. Mohana inquires if she wants anything?
Panna yells I wont allow Mayank leave this home. She strokes flooring and receives her bowl and then stick out of floor.

Ansh informs Chitali and household about Shalaka being queen of smoke planet. Ansh states Rahul was her son also and out of smoke world, I’m attempting to conceal his body out of her. Shekhar says she’s his mom so she’s right on his entire body. Ansh says I understand however, all guests are still here, she is able to make a spectacle . Ansh says until we didnt find why she’s here, we’ll tell her about Rahul. Piya says this all occurred for me, a mom can do anything to her son. Ansh says I need to learn exactly what she needs. Shalaka comes there and states ?
Shekhar believes that Ansh could have obtained Rahul off and says its great if you people remain here, you’re our guests and we could set up for union together. Shardul’s dad says okay we’ll remain here. Nishant informs Ansh on telephone to do something.

Avi claims to Shekhar which I’ll make dinner. They arrive in kitchen. Shekhar asks her not to worry, Ansh is going to be OK with you shortly. Shalaka and many others come there. Shalaka says I shall learn also. She’s going to open refrigerator for milk however, Mohana comes and stops her.
Ansh calls Nishant and informs him that he maintained Rahul’s own body in refrigerator.

Tara claims to Sanam that Mayank is in pain because people, we must do something. Panna says what exactly are you doing here? Go and assist Mayank. Tara tries to go close to her but there’s a shield . Panna says visit Mayank, he’s in pain. Tara recalls how she touched with her wrist. She utilizes her wrist and also breaks Panna’s shield, her charm from Mayank finishes also.

Scene Two
Mayank proceeds to receive his keys. They visit Panna moving rod in bowl and listen to Mayank yelling in pain. Tara says we’ve ceased her. They toss ginger liquid in her Panna has produced a guard around her and cant be hurt. Tara states what about Mayank currently?
Shardul’s dad states that we’re attempting to reserve hotel but all are reserved. Chitali states you can remain here .
Vedsheree claims to Shalaka that we’re only talking about mehndi tomorrow, you wanted anything? Shalaka states Ansh understands what I need, dont worry I shall take itself, she leaves.
Tara and Sanam hunts Panna’s space for stick and bowl. Tara states I couldnt locate it , did she conceal it? Sanam states where could she hide it? Tara says go for today.
Ansh is creating Adi eat. Piya provides him towel. Ansh seems away. Ansh says its alright, it was wicked smoke. Piya says that I wont conceal anything from you . Ansh says I’ve hid Rahul’s body in refrigerator, dont tell anyone, you and Mohana understands it. Shardul’s household comes there. Shardul’s mom Shalaka says they’ve fine infant, mom can kill or die to get her infant.

Shalaka is going to open refrigerator but Mohana comes there and quits her, she states you dont need to work here. Shalaka says its ok, Mohana doesnt allow her open refrigerator and receives milk to get her. Vedsheree is stunned and states to Shalaka that dont worry, we’ll get tea to you, lets head out.

Panna believes that soon I’ll get eagle locket. Mayank comes in space shirtless. Tara comes from toilet in bathrobe. Suddenly electricity goes away. Tara gets fearful and hugs him. Mayank says I’ll go and check.
Unexpectedly Sanam comes there yelling. Electricity comes backagain. Sanam says my kid is sick and she doesnt have anybody. Mayank says we could go together with you. Sanam says that no one must remain with Tara. Mayank says nobody wants us we will go. Sanam inquires Tara how was her behaving? Sanam says sorry when I came here in wrong time. Panna is mad to hear this.


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