The Evil Eye update Sunday 4th April 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 4 April 2021 update: Divya appears at her sword and believes I’ve palai sword so that I could win. Divya sees crystal breaking and takes out sword.

The Evil Eye update Saturday 3rd April 2021 Starlife

Scene two
Nishant reveals her pill which Divya utilized to set them under charm, he states I dont know , she used us. Saanvi states why she’d do it?

Nishant brings celebrity to Divya and states we did as you stated. Divya says I understood you would take action, you are authentic witch hunters. Divya believes that if Mohana obtained that sword then she’ll win so I want to find this sword. Flashback demonstrates how Nishant and Saanvi matches Divya. Saanvi hugs her cries. She then uses her abilities to create them unconscious and put them under charm. She released them when Piya froze up them. Flashback ends. I believed Mohana was behind this but you place Nishant and Saanvi beneath charm and made them strike us, you’re there but didnt do anything, I trusted you, I believed you can not do wrong but my religion broke. Divya states my way may be wrong but what I did wasn’t wrong, Piya states you place people in danger. Divya says that I am considering everybody, this blade implies that final war is coming and blood will spill, you need to choose whose side you’re, this blade will determine who will triumph in this war, I didnt need Mohana to find this sword, and so I utilized Nishant and Saanvi, today I have this blade so goodness will triumph over evil. Ansh seems on.

Nishant says that I will kill you if I dont get that particular sword. Shekhar says we’re your loved ones. Nishant says that I will kill you , he points arrow in Vedsheree. Piya includes infront of her and states you need to kill me to kill them.
Panna comes out Naman’s home and says I understand chudail have additional two manis. She utilizes her mani to come across additional two manis. Dilruba sees her manis light up and states it signifies third party mani is nearby that means Panna is here also.

Divya claims to Ansh you need to tell me where blade is. Ansh says I dont know where that sword is, I’ve given it and he understands where sword and no one understands where wolf is. Divya says and laughs its simple to locate him. Mohana says we could discover that priest. Divya states we just need to take care of witch and I am all set to perform it. She joins with Mohana and warmth at Ansh. Mohana says we’re collectively and nobody can prevent us from becoming that sword. Ansh is astonished.

Piya claims to Ansh that you’re correct in doubting Divya, I’m sorry. Divya comes there also with her sword. Mohana states these are imitation, where’s real sword? Ansh says I’ve hid real sword since I understood you would attempt to receive it. I understood Divya had place Nishant under spell, and so I concealed it from her also. Ansh says you will never discover that sword.
All of them go inside but Nishant cries arrow and ceases lift. Nishant states in the event that you would like to die then depart, you’re leaving your Adi?


Ansh says I need to discover that sword. Telephone ends. Ansh appears over sea and sees with sword in waterhe adheres to it and locates it using crystal ball.
Ansh brings celebrity to Nishant. Nishant states you did great work, he chooses leaves and blade with Saanvi.

Mohana says when I understand how to take this out palai blade out of crystal then I shall kill all of them. Mohana sees crystal breaking and takes out sword from it. She’s stunned.
Vedsheree states Mohana and Divya are looking for him. Nishant states why did you inform them ? Ansh states I lied , actual sword is in this home. Flashback demonstrates how Adi had concealed real sword constructed in wall. Nishant says they’ll learn shortly. Ansh states we will discover a way to manage them until then. Nishant says you’re correct.

Ansh sees Piya miserable and asks what happened? Piya states what should there a war involving witches and witch hunters? We’ll need to on otherside, what should I must choose between love and duty? Fate please inquire me to pick between my husband and mother. Ansh says you’ll do what’s correct, shut your eyes and stick to the route that you believe is ideal. Piya says its hard to perform, I cant tell you exactly what I’m feeling. Ansh says that I dont want words, I understand your heart by studying your eyes. Piya says then guarantee me if we must come infront of one another and I must strike you then you’ll fight me as an enemy, assure me? Ansh asserts her. Ansh says guarantee me that you won’t make our love shed. Piya says that our love may not lose since we’ve lost ourselves in love, I guarantee as your spouse, as your Piya.

Ansh is flying but Mohana strikes , they drop in jungle. Ansh says so you’re behind this? Mohana says I want that sword, go away, she ties Ansh and carries away sword. Ansh hears Piya calling, he divides his ties and carries telephone. Nishant takes says and call in the event that you would like to save your loved ones then deliver that sword. Ansh believes if Mohana chose that sword afterward Nishant is under somebody else’s spell. Saanvi attracts Adi and points arrow , Piya pleads to depart Adi independently, she inquires Ansh to bring this sword, Ansh says that I shall, dont stress.


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