The Evil Eye update Saturday 6th March 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 6 March 2021 update: Tara is searching around for Mayank when coins drop on her behalf, she s going to drop off blacony but Panna keeps her hands. She says I will make you fall. Tara says you want me. Panna brings her back and states you’re making my son ? He’s my son. Tara says he’s my husband also, when he understands truth then he’ll be against you personally. Panna says I’ve given him poison to create him, I’ve made him think he needs eagle locket but that I want that really.
Tara claims to Mayank your mother is sending one to departure, I dont understand why she’s doing so.

Mayank says , dont even say a word against my mother. Sanam says she’s correct, she didnt cause you to win. Mayank states becuse she desired me to wed girl who will bring half eagle locket in my entire life and rescue me. Sanam says she had been doing something now too that pained you. She states I dont recall. Panna drops down and says folks are pointing fingers in my love? I did everything for you, you’re my life, I’m your mom, how do I kill you? Mayank hugs her and says that I will never overlook you. Tara states dont anticipate her fake tears. Mayank yells at her to stop ittakes Panna out there.
Tara claims to Panna that Mayank is my husband also, when he understand fact, he’ll be against you personally. Panna says that he won’t ever know fact, I’ve given him toxin since beginning, I had that eagle locket maybe not him. Tara says its great you told yourself. Panna states you won’t remember it. She uses her abilities to make Tara forget that which, she leaves.

Lift unlocks and children come. Nishant asks that you wish to fulfill? Kds say we’re in wrong home and leaves. Chitali states what now?

Nishant claims to household that particular smoke was murdered. Mohana says that I dont understand anything but it’ll be dangerous, its wicked, black and no one understands it. They listen to lift ringing.

Panna attempts to utilize her bowl but adhere becomes trapped inside, she says , what exactly did I really do? He cant die, that will meet my fantasy then?

Chitali states Koel’s nlaws are arriving here. Lift opens and a man and dad is indoors. Guy’s mum enters home. All grin. Nishant whispers into Piya that people cant do .

Ansh jumps from balcony cant return, he informs Nishant I cant proceed. Suddenly he’s pulled right back on balcony. Mohana inquires what happened? Wicked dont need the body to go out of home.
Mayank is yelling in pain. Panna comes there and states dont understand exactly what to do. Tara comes there and places hands , she asks what’s occurring? Unexpectedly Tara makes him nice. Panna believes they can provide me electricity collectively. Tara says for you, I must know you’re dying. Tara says I understand everything. Panna believes she knows what, she states I desired eagle locket to rescue my son but I am glad that you love him just like I do. Tara says no, you’re just one which is paining Mayank.
Sanam arrives to Mayank and sees him yelling in pain.

Scene Two

Neha comes along with her apparel Shardul and is going to open refrigerator but Ansh provides her juice and water.
Guests visit their own room. Mohana protects Rahul’s body from that point.
Sanam claims to Tara that Mayank is at Panna’s control, he’ll never trust . Tara says I understand but I cant shed and abandon him knowing he’s at risk. Why she desires that eagle locket? Tara says we need to be sure that she doesnt hurt Mayank more, you advised me she uses a bowl and stick? Sanam says . Tara says we need to locate and conceal it. Lets hunt her room. They leave.
Tara attracts Panna into Mayank and claims she admitted she provides you toxin and she desires that eagle locket maybe not you, she believed she could erase my memory but I recall what. Tara claims to Mayank that she’s lying, trust me. Panna cries. Mayank belongs to her.

Panna says if Mayank believes he can quit me then he’s wrong, I’ll pain him that he’ll bring Tara back. She uses her abilities to annoyance Mayank.
Mohana carries Ansh to space with Rahul’s entire body.

Guests say we’ll begin marriage parties from now for Neha and also our son. Adi sees Ansh concealing and laughs. Family keeps guests occupied. Ansh leaves.
Mayank catches Tara’s hands and throws her from home. Panna smirks. Tara is hurt but ceases lift until it closes. She enters home again and says I’m sorry, I took your mother wrongly, forgive me. Mayank says state sorry to my mother by touching her toes. Tara believes that I must remain within this home to bring out her truth. She belongs to Panna and states I’m sorry. She awakens her and believes its my helplessness I must keep her in home to have that eagle locket.

Scene Two
Neha says fine and leaves . Mohana states that we cant keep him longer. They turn to depart but feels a thing. Mohana says that I feel as though somebody is keeping tabs on us.
Mayank cries enough, I dont exactly what issue you’ve got with my mom but she’s greatest mum of planet, if you say another word against her afterward I’ll forget. . Panna states dont say anything to her, I dont really need you to struggle for me, I’ll leave this home so that you are happy.
Rahul’s body drops out of his hands Mohana catches it using her buttocks. All seem on.


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