The Evil Eye update Saturday 3rd April 2021 Starlife


The Evil Eye 3 April 2021 update:  Divya make wall in home and says that I cant allow Mohana get this blade so it must remain in home. She hides. Nishant, Ansh and Piya comes there and attempts to take sword out there but has stopped. Nishant says some electricity dont need this sword from home. Ansh says I’ve another manner. Ansh flies and chooses him to river, he also states no war will occur today, he yells sword .

The Evil Eye update Friday 2nd April 2021 Starlife

Nishant points arrow in him and asks for this sword. Ansh states I dont understand. Nishant pushes arrow indoors, Ansh yells in pain and states it is possible to provide me pain but my wounds could heal. Nishant says appropriate but what about your loved ones? Nishant strikes Vedsheree however Ansh stands infront of her and has struck . Nishant says listen . . Ansh states stop, I’ll bring that sword . Nishant says you’ve got 1 hour to deliver that sword or your household dies.

She reveals a sofa to blade and her mark is displayed in skies. Mohana believes I must learn whats inside, she chooses bag out of her and ball drops down. Ball reveals Ansh’s family dying and lying. Voiceover states that last struggle is coming close. Mohana says prepare to perish. Divya says that I will finish you enjoy I did 20 decades back. Voiceover states that last war will begin with this sword just. Divya adheres to it and attempts to take it out of floor but cant. She attempts to take sword out but cant. Divya says she’s a strong witch and cant but who can? We’ve got seven days to get this blade until it occurs whats displayed in future chunk.
Piya sees household tied and remembers Ansh whispered for her to cease Nishant. She uses her abilities to produce water drop down from mandir. Piya frees herself and loved ones. They leave.

Mohana defeats Divya and states you prefer to die at my own hands. I knew you’d comeback. Divya states I came for love of my daughter and love for you.
Ansh reveals her tree origin and states its own witch tree origin and has been seen close to Divya. Piya states you’re doubting her ? Ansh says Mohana left Vedsheree do wicked things so that she could trap Divya. Piya says she’s a witch hunter. Ansh says that I dont need to conceal anything from you, we’re strong together and nobody else could fool us. Piya says you’re right, we must keep strong for Adi.


Piya says to household that Divya isn’t at home. Vedsheree says she may have gone outside.
Naman comes home and says to Dilruba I got detained for you and you’re drifting around angrily enjoy a chudail. Dilruba states I need Panna, I need that mani. . she faints.

In morning, Nishant appears at sword and states its own plae sword, it means large warfare, it is going to begin a war that will finish everything. Piya states we wont allow this occur. Divya hides and believes that sword arrived , it means somebody from household may take it out. Piya says we won’t permit this sword do anything. Ansh says we’ll conceal it from entire world. Divya hides and believes I cant Mohana requires this particular sword.
Family is arriving there so that she adopts roots. Piya comes there and states I was searching for you. Divya says that I was only napping. They leave. Ansh sees origin there.
Guru Maa states why Dilruba stated kali? Naman states I dont understand.

Ansh and Piya are all sleeping. They come out and watch blade and crystal inside.

Ansh comes home to watch Nishant tied each household . Ansh states why do you do so? Nishant says I need that sword, go and deliver it. Ansh says perhaps you’re below charm of Divya. Nishant reveals him Divya tied also and says I’m not beneath her spell. Avi frees himself and many others. Ansh says I snapped that sword . Nishant strikes him and says that I simply needed that sword, he also attempts to strike again but Ansh catches him and asks him to come from sensations, we cant struggle. Saanvi comes there and states struggle will end if you die Ansh, she yells arrow , Piya cries and states what exactly did you do? Ansh drops down as arrow struck him in torso. Nishant smirks.
Naman claims to Guru Maa why she left ? He sees Dilruba throwing sand round home, she says I’m awaiting Panna, she’s going to come . This mani will work just when there are additional two mani used together. She reveals other diamond mani and states Panna will come to shoot them.


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