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The Evil Eye update Monday 8th March 2021 Starlife



The Evil Eye 8 March 2021 update: Shalaka doesnt locate Rahul and inquires where’s my son Ansh?
Ansh claims to Adi I discovered what Mohana stated to Shalaka.

Priest brings some liquid out of mandir.
Saanvi states tell me should you have some strategy.
Tara comes from sees and room parrot flying about, suddenly it disappears. Tara gets fearful and sees footmarks going into a space. She follows it and extends into a darkened room. She sees somebody there. She turns to operate. Tara says a person was here. . Mayank says nobody was here. Tara cries.

Shalaka claims to Ansh you believe that you can prevent me from finding my son? I’ll find him. Ansh states why ask me? Shalaka says I’m a mom, you’re raising pain of a mom, I’ve right to possess my kid’s deadbody, where’s he? Ansh states I cant let you know. Shalaka states is Mohana behind this? Why are you currently saving her? She’d so much awful with you folks then why rescue ? It means somebody else murdered Rahul, should you tell me reality then I shall forgive you except individual who murdered my son. Ansh states I cant let you know. Shalaka states I challenge one that you may tell me , she renders.
Shalaka comes from kitchen. Mohana inquires if she wants anything?

Vedsheree claims to Shalaka that we’re only talking about mehndi tomorrow, you wanted anything? Shalaka states Ansh understands what I need, dont worry I shall take itself, she leaves.
Ansh claims to Shalaka I gave you sign however you couldnt find him. Shalaka says today you’ll tell me.
Shalaka glares at Mohana because she doesnt locate Rahul in refrigerator, Mohana attempts to leave but Shalaka circles .

Nishant claims to priest which we’re able to watch CCTV footage and locate something about Shalaka.
Panna states you wish to playwith? Mayank comes there Tara hides adhere. Mayank comes tehre and inquires what’s this?
Vedsheree is stunned and states to Shalaka that dont worry, we’ll get tea to you, lets head out.
Panna cries I didnt allow Mayank leave this home. She strokes flooring and receives her bowl and then stick out of floor.
Panna arrives to Tara and states that you saved Mayank from annoyance but didnt make me shed. Tara says we can see.

Naman arrives to Mayank’s home as egg seller. Panna comes there however Tara says its own egg vendor, she leaves. Naman informs her that they discovered a hint, he provides her chit and leaves. Tara reads chit that states that meet them at specified address.
Shalaka is going to open refrigerator but Mohana comes there and quits her, she states you dont need to work here. Shalaka says its ok, Mohana doesnt allow her open refrigerator and receives milk to get her.

Ansh brings Shalaka into a space and says that your son is here, hunt and find. She says fine and looks around in space.
Mohana states that I didnt do anything. Shalaka catches her. Ansh adopts and hides it. Shalaka claims to Mohana that after I know who murdered my son and where’s his deadbody then I t spare her. She leaves. He informs him that we must send Rahul’s body off before Piya gets at risk.

Nishant sees smoke entering lift and entering shalaka’s entire body. Nishant states it means smoke may enter anybody’s body. Priest says we must inform them.
Tara claims to Panna that Mayank has been performing pooja for you. Panna says I’m worried because he’s going out. Tara says that he isn’t going. Sanam comes there and states aunt called me, she chose medication and she’s fine now. Tara claims to Panna that dont be worried about Mayank as I’m here today. Mayank says . Sanam says Tara is together with him nothing could happen to him.

Panna says what exactly are you doing here? Go and assist Mayank. Tara tries to go close to her but there’s a shield . Panna says visit Mayank, he’s in pain. She utilizes her wrist and also breaks Panna’s shield, her charm from Mayank finishes also.
For the son. She looks at a child’s pets and photo a parrot.

Nishant produces a potent circle utilizing priest’s given liquid, so he inquires circle how do we eliminate Rahul’s smoke out of Ansh’s home? Circle vanishes. Ansh is on telephone and asks when he discovered something? Nishant says circle disappeared, we dont have a manner. Ansh sees Shalaka approaching there.
Shalaka states I take. She renders Mohana. Mohana appears at Piya and states here’s your solution. . She points in closet.

Flashback demonstrates how Ansh informed Mohana that Shalaka will attempt to pit against each other, she’ll attempt everything but we cant violate differently all will perish. Mohana says me cant break me. Ansh states in the event that you attempt to double cross us this time afterward I wont save you. Mohana ties her own hair and states you can listen to me until my hair really is here. Flashback ends. Shalaka leaves from that point.

Neha states where’s my son? All household members arrive. Neha states how I arrived here? Shalaka says you here? Lets go indoors. They leave. Shalaka claims to Ansh you stored Neha but you understand about my abilities today, if you would like to guard your loved ones then tell me where’s my son?
Shalaka claims to Mohana which you and your son did this all, you died and didnt return to smoke world, and so I delivered my son for you personally but he never returned, so I understand you murdered him.
She’s standing .

Mayank proceeds to receive his keys. They visit Panna moving rod in bowl and listen to Mayank yelling in pain. Tara says we’ve ceased her. They toss ginger liquid in her Panna has produced a guard around her and cant be hurt. Tara states what about Mayank currently?
Naman claims to Saanvi that Mayank can damage Tara. Saanvi says we shall complete monster locket so that electricity doesnt go to anybody, we must find something from animal family to ruin spell. She sees Mayank’s mum’s nail and states Tara gave me.

Panna claims to himself that Tara doesnt understand what mom can do anything
Mehndi service of Neha begins. She sits with Neha and states I will employ mehndi for her. Family doesnt watch it. They turn to view Neha gone. Chitali sees her moving in corridor.

Mohana attracts Rahul’s body in space with household, she states to Vedsheree which we must complete this body until Shalaka locates him. Mohana hides his own body from Shalaka. Shalaka says we need to begin work shortly, why are you ? Chitali says we’re only making programs. Shalaka says if my son isn’t here then I cant observe anything, I understand you folks understand about me, where’s my son Rahul? Whom are you really saving? this Mohana? Who tried to complete you all. I understand how Mohana is, witches aren’t loyal to anybody. I understand she murdered my son, Ansh told me she murdered Rahul. Mohana states no. Shalaka states I will penalize you so much you may regret being born.

She begins taking Mohana out there however Mohana says I’ll tell you who murdered Rahul but you must assure me that you’ll forgive me and dont punish me for whatever. Shalaka states I take.
Naman arrives to backyard and states Tara is here? Girl turns and its own Sanam. Naman sees Dilruba’s head and states you ? Exactly why are you standing on flooring? Can you laugh just like witches still? Sanam says what exactly are you saying? Naman says I’ve weapons Dilruba. Sanam states Tara sent me, I’m Sanam. Naman says you’re a chudail, I will spare you now.

Make a spectacle . Ansh says until we didnt find why she’s here, we’ll tell her about Rahul. Piya says this all occurred for me, a mom can do anything to her son. Ansh says I wish to learn exactly what she needs.
Saanvi attempts to place Panna’s nail liquid cooking however liquid retains throwing out it. Naman reads that liquid cant take nail when its not from blood. Saanvi states it means Panna isn’t Mayank’s real mother?
Ansh states Rahul was her son also and out of smoke world, I’m attempting to conceal his body out of her. Shekhar says she’s his mom so she’s right on his entire body.

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