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The Evil Eye update Monday 29th March 2021 Starlife



The Evil Eye 29 March 2021 update:
Piya sees household playing Adi. Piya says she’s reckless, she have relation with Mohana. Ansh states I watched rakt relation dividing involving them.
Chitali claims to Ansh which we must make protective wall at house to keep away evil powers. Ansh begins in wrong path and states it doesnt matter. He asks them not to worry.

Scene Two

Dilruba arrives to advertise and also sees imli. She tries to ignore it says why I believe someone is after me?
Dilruba arrives to space and sees imli. She says I will eat peacefully today. She’s from space giggling.

Ansh is living space and wakes up stressing for Piya. Shekhar comes there and claims its not great that Piya is outside of home, solve your issues with her and when she would like to distinguish from us then we dont have an problem. Ansh maintains family lives collectively.

Shekhar says we need to do compromises. Ansh says Piya did an error and when she believes we’ll beg her since she’s a devik then she’s wrong. Chitali calls them and reveals them shameful trishul, she states wicked powers disappeared from this home when Piya came but now she’s gone so bad powers are encircling us. Chitali calls out him. Ansh creates trishul.

Dilruba says tonight is greatest night and I will observe stone today. She’s to jungle. Naman is looking for her. Dilruba arrives to a cave that is being shielded by nerves, she provides them imli and sees stone shining from cave.

Scene Two

Mohana says that I understood Ansh could do a error with no Piya and that he did. She sends her passion circle that surrounds Ansh. Mohana states Ansh is in my own snare today, you cant provide your wings since they’re none but you can abandon them and that I will do that. She uses her abilities to create Ansh’s wings grow and burn off. Ansh yells in pain. Mohana says nobody will stop me today. Piya comes there and catches her to finish her electricity. Piya says you believed you can hide from me? I met my promise however, you need to give Vedsheree’s soul jar to me. Piya claims to Mohana I abandon my family for this jar, give it to me personally.

Piya says she’s a witch’s sister and will present her colours anytime, I wish to leave the home with Adi. Vedsheree says dont state that, Adi and Ansh are my entire life, you’re my girl, she attempts to visit Adi however Piya pushes her away, Vedsheree drops down, are shocked. Ansh states you harm her? Entire household is a problem, they’re unworthy, Chitali is a fool, so please hear much, Avi doesnt know what he’s doing in existence. Chitali says you’re our power, why are you really saying this? Piya says I’m tired of managing you , Ansh must choose his or her loved ones. She believes I’m sorry Ansh.

She says fine, I’m leaving this home. We all beg her to cease. Piya states you’re letting me move? Ansh states Adi wont go everywhere. Piya says you would like to distinguish him from his mommy? Ansh states you’re performing same. Piya states Adi has abilities he doesnt need anybody. Ansh says he’s a child, he desires mom, dad and his loved ones. Shekhar says that he wants a family. Piya says when he’s got family then I’m not needed, I wish to go away and that I will leave .

Ansh attempts to match him but didnt. He appears at Piya’s picture and cries.

Ansh claims to household that we dont want devik, we must live like this today.

There’s smoke .
Chitali states we want Piya to prevent this flame. Ansh states no, Piya doesnt compared with us , we must live without devik now.

Ansh is hoping to hammer a nail wall like Piya didn’t shoo away evil forces.
Saanvi and Nishant look about for Mohana however she’s standing on a hill and they cant watch her.
Mausi says I had been in mandir, you dont need me ? Dilruba points knife . Laundry guy comes there and is fearful to observe all that.
Mohana pushes her off and begins using her abilities. Ansh shouts and breaks free of ring. Piya asks for bottle . She leaves.

Saanvi says she’s upto something.

Ansh and Piya are equally in pain. Piya says Mohana must meet her promise.
Piya is psychological. She recalls her minutes with Adi, she places him away and begins leaving. Ansh retains Adi. All are yelling. Piya remembers her union with Ansh. She enters elevator. Piya doesnt leaves and listen. Vedsheree faints. All rush into her. Piya cries in elevator.

Piya is searching for Mohana however Mohana hides and states that I wont give her Vedsheree’s soul until I catch Ansh’s wings, he’s feeble today without Piya.
She yells for her.

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