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The Evil Eye 5 March 2021 update: Tara arrives to Sanam and provides her secret of Panna’s trunk. They go to examine it.
Saanvi states you messaged us time. Tara states that I never uttered you. . Saanvi states who messaged us afterward? Tara believes and says Mayankhe should have called you .
We all are searching about for Piya. Ansh states where’s she?

Panna says you came home, you apologize for her? Mayank says she doesnt remember anything around you therefore that she didnt take action. Tara adopts and hides it.
Vedsheree claims to Piya you simply cant get it done, you cant kill an innocent. Avi seems knife and states its own Piya’s knife. Chitali states it means she murdered Rahul? Ansh inquires Piya why? There has to be some motive. Piya states that I gave Mohana witch guarantee when she freed me out of mermaid trap. Ansh states why you promised ? I advised you not to do some bargain with her, you’ve never told me. Piya states that I was helpless. Ansh says that it left you kill a child?

Panna is moving to her chamber. Panna freezes on location for sometime.
Mayank comes residence. Panna states where’s Tara? Panna states I dont understand why you’re doing so, you take care of her over me? Mayank says that I cant induce Tara, its incorrect. Panna says she’s the spouse. Mayank says I pressured her to wed, she doesnt take this connection.

Sanam sees some older and bizarre things inside.Tara finds a few newspapers. Sanam says we shall discover some clue. Sanam says go, she is able to come here. Tara says that I will attempt to stop her, you shut this, she leaves.
Ansh takes Rahul and extends in space.

Tara states Mayank messaged Saanvi to select me and didnt come behind me,” he would like to rescue me? Why he married me harshly afterward? Was he pressured also? I am certain that he’s doing this on Panna’s expression but what exactly does she desires?
Nishant reads concerning smoke being last universe of witches following departure. Naman says Mohana was fearful of it. He receives a call, Ansh informs him that Piya murdered smoke world’s child. Nishant says maintain that body in home and cover smoke shouldnt understand we killed it.
Tara runs from home. Mayank comes there however Saanvi’s automobile comes there and requires Tara away.

Piya asks exactly what. They view smoke filling in space and says we need to pay Rahul, they place blanket Rahul but smoke rolls Rahul’s hand. Ansh states Nishant explained that smoke shouldnt know about this differently many smoke evils may come. Mohana claims what? Ansh says they’ll strike us today. Vedsheree states what we shall do?
She makes Shekhar wake up and claims smoke arrived in home again. All household members collect in lounge. They request Piya and Ansh. Mohana states where did he move? Piya is tensed and states I cant. Mohana states in the event that you dont meet your claim then it will be good.
Tara informs Saanvi about Mayank’s mother. Nishant says we need to understand why she’s doing this. Tara reveals them gems that Panna utilizes. Nishant takes it glows. He states is that. . He puts rock . It shines and reveals creature planet’s stone. Tara says it could function as Mayank. Nishant says this rock shows eclipse it signifies Mayank is at risk. Tara says he’s going to perish? Naman says we dont need to do anything. Nishant states Tara is at risk, we must keep her safe. Saanvi says go Tara. She leaves .
Scene Two

She’s fine . Mayank asks if she’s fine?

Mohana attracts Adi into Rahul, he’s going to shoot him Mohana moves off and Piya is standing behind her.
All household members arrive in couch to view Rahul’s body on earth and blood . Vedsheree says someone killed him. Chitali states what. . Shekhar states what will I reply to your own parents? Ansh says I’m sure Mohana is behind this. Vedsheree says she didnt love him you murdered him? Mohana states that I didnt kill Rahul. Ansh says who murdered him? .
Panna arrives to Tara and inquires who threw garlic here you did it? She belongs. Panna states you lied?
Nishant satisfies household. He reads books relating to smoke planet. Nishant says if particular smoke is dead they then take intense revenge, spcial smoke have 6 palms.

Sanam provides something to Tara and states I watched it with Panna therefore it has to be significant, she renders. Mayank comes to Tara and states you harm my mom. . He catches her arm she states what about my own pain? My loved ones left me for you and your mother would like us to possess. .

Chitali claims to Piya you murdered him. Piya says , my knife didnt hurt anybody that I dont need to kill. Avi states but Rahul expired with this knife. Mohana says that he isn’t human. They see Rahul evaporating and getting smoke. Ansh says what’s that? Mohana states its smoke out of smoke entire world, witches visit this planet when they perish, I didnt move there so that he came , I aided Piya and she assisted me, I didnt induce her.

Panna uses her abilities to make his veins pop just like monster and believes I must create my son ailing for my assignment. Tara sees him puts hands on his shoulder. He drops backwards however, Tara holds him and his veins turn into handsome. I’ll bring physician. Mayank says it occurs sometimes, I’m fine.

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