Talay Duerd (2021)


Talay Duerd (2021)
Other Title: ทะเลเดือด

Genres: drama, romance
Episodes: 16
Country: Thailand
Director: Wuttiphon / Nueng / Nok / Solo Kamk, Chatchawan Song
Writer: Wuttiphon / Nueng / Nok / Solo Kamk, Chatchawan Song
Network: Channel 7
Release Date: Apr 3, 2021
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Go on and fight Payong. Pay harm Wui asked who had been the individual who murdered his dad. Because he desired all of the treasures, gold coins which Wade’s dad had concealed Wui will kill Payong due to the vengeance he murdered his dad. Nittaya prohibit, inform the legislation to penalize the best The noise of a gun seems. It was the end he shot . And stated that life is just to compensate for the soul of the father

The dragon discovered from Tom the end took the job for a telephone to the team. Therefore call to inform Suphattra the fact Wind persuades Sia Meng to provide him an inventory of all of the Eastern drug retailers. However, the monster came and taken Xia Meng to departure and could kill the end. The end escaped The dragon told Suphattra the end took the Sia Meng into departure. And believed to rape her However, the end came to help. The dragon was murdered by the end.

Seven decades later, a massive cargo boat raid was completed with a Syl officer headed by Wade since the boat was believed to be concealing drugs and illegal products. Wade intends to attack nicely. Causing lots of naval officers to perish
The individual who provides something for Nittaya to perform. In other words, exploring ancient gold coins which were offered at an antique store. Since that coin is exactly the identical coin because the gold coin at a historical treasure chest that has been stolen from a museum. And dropped to the eastern sea due to a scramble 7 decades back, no one has been discovered . Now, however, gold coins have emerged available in the shop.
Sergeant Joyful attracted the captain’s correspondence to wade through informs me there’s a key assignment collectively Making the fact shown that it actually Wade isn’t eliminated from government service. It is all just a strategy to learn about the worms that send code into the offenders. Until inducing Wade’s staff to shed

Wade’s brother loves to unlock the mild and understands Wade’s old brother isn’t him. Making the breeze more prejudicial and wading Breeze got off the ship and plans to return home. Since he’s bored with the task that has to be at the center of the sea Including the way he exposes his co-workers into his boss. Got him struck by them But due to being an older fighter permitting the end to conquer them.
Suphattra and Sia Meng, who watched the craftsmanship of this end, impressed. The end still doesn’t take. Since he’s got a passion for Suphatra.

Nittaya requires Lui to negotiate together with the village main regarding debt, but it ends up that Wade must get money to redeem 10 million of their property in just ten days. The end knew about it thought to increase money for her mum to redeem the area. When Wade understood from Thong nicely the boxing end was prohibited Therefore go prohibit, but the end Doesn’t listen
Rongdech fulfilled Nittaya and directed him to fulfill with the commander of this subdistrict. There, Nittaya fulfilled together with all the conqueror and the commander stated that the PDRC needed to extract data from Kamnan Phaisarn. However, the police line that’s concealed still can’t do the job. So wanted Nittaya to take a mission to Discover confidential advice for Since she can input Chayut’s home

Tom had another half of this coin . Therefore wanted another bit of coin to look on the sector And coin is the exact same coin which Nittaya is searching for. Sia Zuo believed it had been only a typical gold coin, therefore it was initially offered to market to Sia Meng. Since they’re cousins.
Nittaya understood that Dam was the person who obtained the coins. And followed to research at the black store selling gold coins, news to Tom’s ears, therefore he’d people to cope Wade to assist Nittaya at time. He was amazed why somebody needed to kill Nittaya. And exactly what did you do in Chao Lay?
Raerai took the property and mortgaged to cover her rubber farm workers. The village leader announced he would confiscate the property and allow several villagers to leave the region. Villagers who refuse to proceed will be assaulted. Many Nittaya understands the villagers have been captured at the area where they’re contrary.

The governor stated that Nittaya was the preferred one to carry on the search to get the clues of the treasure chest. Since the search goal is at the hometown of Nittaya itself Additionally, Nittaya is a specialist in antiques. If it’s possible to locate the missing treasure back will probably be rewarded with countless. Nittaya takes to work for She wasn’t expecting to get a reward. Since they wish to help the country find more The detainee stated the job has to be kept confidential.


Sia Meng made a decision to leave his hands. However, the shipping was surrounded by law enforcement. Saisamon and everybody escaped. The monster took the information to inform Tom. Tom informs Chayut the flame is that the police line with proof to reveal.
The village leader was assaulted by criminals. Until it became paralyzed Saeng Saeng using Nittaya Asa to treat Chayut admits revenge for his dad. By believing that it’s the ability of Sia Meng Tom managed to pull on Chayut to combine them. Together with showing about gold coins Wade had half of the gold coins if he obtained it, then it’d be complete.
He traveled into Chonburi since he understood there was a half gold coin the sailors found in the gut of this fish. And required it to utilize the debt rather than the loan into the neighborhood loan god Sia Siao.

Nittaya takes to work for She wasn’t expecting to get a reward. Since they wish to help the country find more The detainee stated the job has to be kept confidential.

The Conqueror directs his forces into the island also finds Nittaya using all the treasure bag he wants to find. Nittaya said what’s finished. At the time there was a booth. It ended up being a foreigner that came and took the gold to move up and advised the governor that it’d already been moved two hundred million. The identification was disclosed he wouldn’t go back the gold. But consented to sell to overseas brokers Thank you Nittaya to assisting you to discover the treasure till you discover it nobody will escape tell the entire truth. Everyone must perish here
However he could only take 1 side. The remainder fell in the hands of the incoming protagonist. Daniel escaped into the conclusion of a large cliff. The protagonist told me to deliver another half of this gold coin. However, Daniel threw the coin to the sea.

Chayut enables people to catch fire in the home. Nittaya decides to inform Lui the fact which she’s a spy on the search for the gold coin. Both were amazed when they researched the connection between them.
Chayut has loved Nittaya because his college and has always adored. But just 1 love This was since Nittaya needed a hub with another man friend that has been Wade.

The Tom found it out planned to compete and kill Tee to departure but did not locate the coin. Rondech gave himself up, but Wade escaped and refused.


Wade felt sorry and believed it had been his error. He had been put up for an investigation and found guilty. Wade was discharged from government service. Wade is ready to take responsibility for a guy. Not everybody is happy that Wade was published from service. Everyone believes the fault of this surgery has to be produced from a secret flow There have to be a few salt.

The gods choose their minions to snare, take, collapse the auto. Told to pass it to the son who’s overseas Wade made a guarantee and decided to rescue the half-gold coin to the deceased son when he returned.

The governor stated that Nittaya was the preferred one to carry on the search to get the clues of the treasure chest. Since the search goal is at the hometown of Nittaya itself Additionally, Nittaya is a specialist in antiques. If you can locate the missing treasure back will probably be rewarded with countless

Luu is arranged to feign fired to return to inquire into the betrayal of those.
Tom had Thep catch Nittaya’s parents took Mae Lom so he can swap some gold coins. Wade accepts the deal. When Tom gets a trophy Instead, catch everyone and allow the warrior check the key code in the medallion. As soon as I opened the coordinates, I understood that the location where the treasure chest was concealing was among Khram Tom’s island to capture everybody on board. Sergeant Sergeant understood the coordinates by the coin, therefore he took the pale of pearl and gold into the island to acquire the treasure before the Tom Tom was mad to know that he was cut away. Ordering his minions to search down the Joyful sergeant
Tom thought about eliminating the village leader and Sia Meng in precisely the exact same time, and didn’t quit pursuing it . The sub-district chief must cover a strategy for exporting products overseas. A medication tanker exploded at the center of the ocean. The village chief believes there has to be a worms. Chayut Doubt of Fire However, the village chief didn’t think.

Get a gold coin and also create some mark on the coin. Before cutting to two components And open the pc, enter email, send a message to a person


The discard light is captured and will be broken. Supatra place himself in the manner. Chut was taken to death. Tom is happy he obtained the treasure. Even though Payong learns the fact of being used by Tom all of the time Tom will take for a dip. But paid quicker than shooting Tom dead

Found a photograph of Payong carrying a few of his dad. Payong proceeded to kill Sergeant Suksan so as to close his mouth. Since he’s the worms of this military, Nittaya unleashes the end and Wade comes to help.
So paying heed to come to function as nicely The village chief thought he wished to conquer Sia Meng already, so the fire approached the dragon to convince them. Fire, and proceeded into the pub to become familiar with the wealthy Lynne Linhg lovely girl who’s the correct hand of the woman who handle the pub to Sia Meng.
Chayut left the home to search for Tom. Nittaya took the chance to put in a secret room and packed with the information. At precisely the exact same time, Payong sneaked in and murdered the village leader. Nittaya and unlocking the mild were nearly not able to survive. Chayut returns into the home and is shocked that his dad is murdered by Rangong and finds that Nittaya is a call to the authorities.
Wui split himself to remain in the farmhouse in which his dad used to live in order to not cause issues with the end There he stumbled upon a concealed hole which hid something. Wade finds a photograph of his dad for a marine that has been shot with three guys. The image of the surface of the dad’s buddy is so messed up I can not figure out that it is. Chayut understood that Wade arrived back into the sea house, he was even more angry. So We’ll take over Raerai’s property more quickly
Nittaya was mad, conducted to the commander and has been taken in the torso by the commander. Proceed to encourage the nittaya The people of this gunner, everybody Instantly, Commander Wisan directed his forces to provide help. Grab the Conqueror And sent Nittaya into the hospital
However, the person who is frustrated is the end. The end hasn’t vanished, along with the anger which triggers his dad’s death. Their dad was Daniel.


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