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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 37 Recap

In the Mingyuan company assembly, everybody looked solemn. It had been broadcast on TV which Bai Xiaoman declared that Haiyao had established the”Sea and Sky One Shade” series. After assessing by Cheng Yang, it had been found that Haiyao had replicated all of the layouts of”Water Color”. Tang Mingxuan asked that all new goods be designed prior to another press conference, along with the origin of the flows of the functions ought to be researched simultaneously, and Cheng Yang and Murphy have been requested to write a review.

Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 36 Recap

Xia Xueling obviously did not need to be like Murphy’s desire, but she hoped that she might use this to create Murphy depart Mingyuan forever. Xia Xueling consented to Murphy’s arrangement, along with the 2 folks looked at each other inside and away from the elevator. This fact will even ascertain Murphy’s future.
Murphy was so occupied until the start of college that she’s not had the time to finish her assignments. She wants to inquire Meng Jing to request leave. Morphy set his ideas on the”colour of water”, everybody was awaiting the day once the illusion of vibrant smoke and clouds appeared, but it was a shame that things shifted.

Following evaluation, Mingyuan’s pc wasn’t contested by a Trojan horse, and just Cheng Yang and Mo Fei owned the login password linked to the layout. Cheng Yang’s report was exhibited at over just two o’clock in the nighttime, and he’d logged into the layout page, and also the leaked layout was the functions .

Murphy attracted a written inspection to Xia Xueling, but had been contested by another party that Murphy was reluctant to be a little helper, so he uttered the organization’s design drawings and marketed it to his college classmate Bai Xiaoman. To the contrary, Murphy also expected that the fact could be shown as soon as possible.

All evidence demonstrates that the leaked function comes with an indefensible connection with Cheng Yang. Even though Tang Mingxuan trusts Cheng Yang, in addition, he has to provide the person who owns the firm an account. Tang Mingxuan prevented Cheng Yang out of accepting the attribute and resigning and coped with him briefly on holiday. This thing made Murphy feel uneasy, but that was no more something that she could intervene past the border.

Mia will come to Shanghai the exact same day, and Tang Mingxuan should describe to another party concerning the delay of this media conference. In the end, this impacts the purchase of SLC. Tang Mingxuan can simply try his very best to trust that Mia will come to China to negotiate after the big display.

At Mingyuan’s elevator, Xia Xueling and Murphy matched again by injury, and Xia Xueling had thought of calling the authorities. Cheng Yang couldn’t establish his innocence, and after he called the authorities, it would certainly impact his potential. Because of this, Moffy intentionally agreed with Xia Xueling to restrict her to three times. If Moffy can’t determine the facts, she’ll leave Mingyuan entirely.

However, what Tang Mingxuan should confront is Mingyuan as a whole, how can he determine the consequence of communicating together with his private hope, and Tang Mingxuan accused Murphy of handling the abortion, leaving Murphy frustrated.



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