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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 35 Recap

Fang Qian was reluctant to trust in Xia Xueling’s so-called accusations and feelings, therefore he had been mentally contending for Moffey, which resulted in feelings.
Fang Qian is prepared to decide to think in Murphy, however Xia Xueling can not bear that Fang Qian enjoys and agrees with Murphy.

Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 34 Recap

Xia Xueling thought that Murphy was intentionally approaching Fang Qian so as to swear sovereignty facing Fang Qian and flaunt her joy.
All trainings are settled. Tang Mingxuan chose to provide his workers a relaxing vacation, and also Yang Guang had his own personal affairs. Tang Mingxuan immediately stated that Murphy was removed alone, and he did not care about everybody’s kindly words that were cloned. Murphy was a bit miserable, but it wasn’t simple to wipe Tang Mingxuan’s face in front of everybody.
Lu Zhu occurred to remain in Mo’s home, and only then could he got an opportunity to sing Mo Fan. On the outside, both were condemning Tang Mingxuan for Murphy, however they had been describing every phrase for himwhich did create Murphy calm down.
Murphy was at the office , eating two dinners alone. She appeared to want to utilize the foods to port her disappointment.
After waking , Murphy looked forward to watching Tang Mingxuan coming to confer with her. Tang Mingxuan needed to flip the front part of the vehicle and come back to the corporation. Therefore, Morphy just waited before a disappointment. Seeing Tang Mingxuan’s text message, Mo Fei expected that she would take the initiative to get hold of her if she calmed down, and instantly became mad, therefore she became mad with Tang Mingxuan.
Xia Xueling and Fang Xiaoyu signed a three-year alliance arrangement, and Tang Mingxuan encouraged Xia Xueling to supper from gratitude. And Yang Guang intentionally disclosed facing Murphy which Tang Mingxuan was overly active, and that he succeeded in creating Murphy reveal some concern and opted to take the initiative to demonstrate his prefer into Tang Mingxuan.
Mia requested Mingyuan to consent to be obtained from the Symphony Yunyan Big Show, just to meet them with the outcomes. This time the major display can’t withstand half of those errors, and also the entire Mingyuan is occupied. At this moment, since Bai Xiaoman could not locate the right designer to ideal Murphy’s concept drawinghe immediately bought Shen Jiaxi using plenty of cash to steal the layout drawings.
Murphy’s feelings were difficult to control for some time, and she abandoned Fang Qian’s birthday celebration, not fond of caring for anyone. Morphy did not care about Tang Mingxuan and Fang Qian’s past connection, but she could not help but be mad at Tang Mingxuan’s concealment, even though Tang Mingxuan immediately left everybody behind, pursuing and apologizing to Morphy wouldn’t assist.
The birthday celebration ended before it began.
After quieting down for a Couple of Days, Fang Qian chose to meet with Murphy. Both individuals were considerate of one another and became good friends . They consented to play Tang Mingxuan and Fang Xiaoyu later Fang Qian recovered. Murphy also promised that Fang Qian will be accompanied and supported at the hospital on the afternoon of their surgery.



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