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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 34 Recap

She’d already purchased a present for Tang Mingxuan to get Mophy.
Fang Qian was with Tang Mingxuan because she was a kid. After she realized her feelings such as Tang Mingxuan were no more pure allies, Lu Dan reluctantly urged visiting Fang’s household to suggest marriage. When everybody thought they’d grow to be a set up and Fang Qian had been excited about putting on a wedding gown for Tang Mingxuan and swearing for lifetime, Tang Mingxuan became the one person who opposed it.

Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 33 Recap

A Phoenix who’s going to eliminate it all, why not be scared to jump in the fire pit? In the long run, it was this courage that enabled the Phoenix to be reborn in the flame. This narrative planted a courageous seed in Fang Qian’s heart, and has been affected by Murphy at a subtle manner.
Throughout the period of time, Bai Xiaoman discovered the information of Fang Qian’s disease from Shen Jiaxi, also wished to utilize Fang Xiaoyu’s concern for his sister for a breakthrough stage, and was struck by Fang Xiaoyu when he moved to stop by Fang Qian. Fang Xiaoyu could not tolerate Bai Xiaoman’s entanglement and has been prepared to provide Hai Yao an opportunity, but Bai Xiaoman handed Fang Xiaoyu’s design drawingwhich was totally incomparable with Ming Yuan, and once denied Bai Xiaoman’s request for collaboration.

The hospital recommends operation. Even though the chance of operation is high, denying that the operation won’t escape the consequence of losing her entire life. Fang Qian couldn’t muster the guts, but was reluctant to sleep on the table forever. She’d been off for three decades and cherished every moment and every moment she spent her loved ones.
Fang Xiaoyu intentionally designed and made clothing for Fang Qian, and allow people help Fang Qian make upward, trusting to provide Fang Qian a gorgeous and memorable birthday. Together with Fang Xiaoyu’s meticulous preparation, Fang Qian became the very beautiful girl, except she had been too skinny, and she wasn’t ill in any way.

When Fang Qian was basking in sunlight away from the ward, she fulfilled Morphy again that came to see her. Both told their tales such as old friends they had not seen for quite a while. Fang Qian is quite jealous of Murphy with a boyfriend who’s prepared to give up the magnificent galaxy and return to her regular star.
Fang Qian may leave the hospital using a four-day vacation, but she shouldn’t be aroused in this age. She scheduled the performance after her birthday and also greeted the new pupil with joy.

Fang Qian concealed in Africa for 3 years at a rage. Today, three decades after, Fang Qian’s feelings for Tang Mingxuan appear to have changed . This type of sense is no more pure love, however it isn’t pure household affection. Regardless of what type of feeling, Fang Qian still pertains Tang Mingxuan because the most significant man in his center.
Fairy stories always come to a sudden end in the ideal moment. Nobody knows whether life following fairy tales is not.

Taking a look at the present Tang Mingxuan was holding, Mo Fei remembered that Fang Xiaoyu once angrily accused Tang Mingxuan, also remembered that the hope he’d had turned into a lie from Tang Mingxuan. It was only in Fang Xiaoyu and Xia Xueling came from the back room they were more astonished by the occurrence of Murphy, which Fang Qian understood they had known each other a very long time ago.



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