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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 33 Recap

He deliberately pretended to not remember the date so as to surprise Murphy. It was that Fang Qian’s condition slowed, along with the tumor compacted his nerves and resulting blindness.

Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 32 Recap

Since Fang Weiguo obtained Kaiman, he maliciously competed to obtain SLC covertly, leading to Mingyuan’s budget exceeding 35%. He believed that this was a bet, and of course the present budget is now uncontrollable. But, Tang Qiren’s company acquisition program is likely to create Chinese design and create Song Tang, even at the cost of controlling it as the biggest shareholder.
The Historical Tea Horse Road made by Murphy is the first in earnings and contains high quality ratings, and Murphy’s reputation could be deemed as a hit. Tang Mingxuan intentionally gave the information to Xia Xueling in the assembly. When Xia Xueling found that Murphy’s name rated first, his normal grin instantly stiffened on his face.
Following Kaiman was officially acquired by Fang Weiguo, he started the first assembly, the most crucial of which was to declare the marketing of Fang Xiaoyu as vice president. The main reason Fang Xiaoyu would concur is that Fang Qian won’t be cared for later on. Fang Xiaoyu also understands that nobody at the assembly can manage him whatsoever.
In opinion of Fang Qian’s condition, physicians conduct consultations, and the chance of operation isn’t modest, which likewise needs Fang Weiguo to think carefully.
Fang Qian missed her youth and expected to be the exact same as previously, but Fang Xiaoyu still refused to forego her heart knot.
At the hospital, Murphy fulfilled Fang Qian by opportunity again. Moffy intentionally told Fang Qian of Himalaya Radio, expecting to provide Fang Qian encouragement on the radio if another party was drained.
Since Bai Xiaoman utilized Shen Jiaxi to sneak the idea map of”Water Color”, Hai Yao hasn’t a designer who will convert this concept map to some layout drawing. Bai Xiaoman once more hunted Shen Jiaxi’s aid. When she had been so active she had been dizzy, she stumbled upon Zhu Haitian along with other girls going into the entertainment site.
Fang Xiaoyu appeared at Mo Fei’s Mo Fei’s buddies team who ate oden cooking independently. He could not help but wait patiently in the doorway of Mo Fei’s home. The subject nevertheless inevitably changed out of his sister’s state to Tang Mingxuan. The more Morphy reliable Tang Mingxuan, the more irritable Fang Xiaoyu was, and also drove to the hospital to watch Tang Mingxuan.
In his spare time, he intentionally took Murphy into a restaurant to get a date . When the entire restaurant has been lit up with little light bulbs, then it was just like being at the starry skies, and Tang Mingxuan eventually didn’t live around Murphy’s trust.

Bai Xiaoman chased following Zhu Haitian fiercely, but had been coaxed from another party with a couple words. Bai Xiaoman loves this sense of being in power, also wishes to benefit from this chance to fight against Morphy. Bai Xiaoman especially asked Shen Jiaxi to emerge, hoping that she can assist with the layout, but it’s tough to design a decent work via a stolen concept drawing.
Both were arguing in the vehicle and slammed to the isolation buckle, and Morphy hurt his mind . This moment, Murphy could not tolerate Fang Xiaoyu whatsoever, also stated that the rejection in a very unfeeling way.



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