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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 32 Recap

Fang Qian wrongly thought that allowing his father and older brother be under precisely the exact same roof could give him an opportunity to reconcile, but the truth is really that Fang Weiguo and Fang Xiaoyu never quarrel daily.

Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 31 Recap

Xia Xueling additionally advised Tang Mingxuan who Mo Fei and Fang Qian shouldn’t be informed of one another’s presence, in order to not influence their feelings. Actually, Murphy and Fang Qian had become friends quite a while before, and they arrived to Murphy’s home for a guest collectively. Everybody persuaded Fang Qian to execute the operation for a few psychological advantage, and just Murphy persuaded Fang Qian from the expectation that she could confront the problems bravely.
Particularly, Fang Weiguo obtained Kaiman and liberally advocated Fang Xiaoyu since the design manager as chairman. By Fang Xiaoyu’s standpoint, it had been only that Fang Weiguo did not trust his skill, so he moved through the rear door.

Once Morphy heard it, she intentionally took Shen Jiaxi into the unmanned space, needing to inquire about it. Who understands that Murphy has not gotten the word out however, Shen Jiaxi is charged with Morphy’s feeling of her, using a righteous look.
Everything, and due to Murphy’s suspicion, she believed she had done nothing wrong.

It appeared as long as he is with Murphy, it could be a sort of happiness to simply hug and shut his eyes and calm his thoughts. Murphy was candy at the slightest, Tang Mingxuan didn’t want anybody to disturb the silence right now, and intentionally didn’t answer the telephone or even closed down. Murphy was stressed that Tang Mingxuan would postpone company, but she did not feel happy within her heart.

Fang Weiguo was initially a hub, and wished to create Fang Xiaoyu’s potential move more easily. Their dad and son lacked communicating, but they could not comprehend one another’s intentions. After the father and son had been arguing forever, the news which Fang Qian abruptly passed made them quit claiming.
Following Xia Xueling heard of the, she had no signs and obviously couldn’t feel both sides. Although Xia Xueling does not like Murphy, this thing is connected to Mingyuan’s interest, and she’ll obviously conduct business. Now, however, Murphy does not have any evidence to establish Shen Jiaxi stole the drawings, and that which can only be achieved after confirmation.
Before, since Tang Mingxuan needed to treat Fang Qian, Morphy was hospitalized and didn’t dare to get Tang Mingxuan. The both of them hadn’t appreciated the world of 2 for quite a very long moment.
When Fang Xiaoyu headed Fang Qian outside to unwind, she watched Xia Xueling waiting in the door of the ward. When both girls were Xia Xueling started to inform Fang Qian how pitiful Tang Mingxuan was at the previous 3 decades, and the way Fang Xiaoyu turned his mind from Tang Mingxuan. Xia Xueling expects to convince Fang Qian to consent to the operation this manner.
Following Murphy went to work, he found that the most essential layout drawing of”Aqua” was missing the exact same day. They couldn’t find it anywhere, and nobody else had entered . It was only when a colleague inadvertently remembered that Shen Jiaxi’d arrived at the office and remained at the workbench sneakily for quite a while.



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