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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 31 Recap

Tang Mingxuan hidden that Morphy cared for Fang Qian. When the issue was discovered from both parties, Fang Qian would fall into pain , and Morphy would likewise be harmed by it. Fang Xiaoyu does not desire Mo Fei to function as next Fang Qian.

Fang Xiaoyu understood that Fang Qian couldn’t let go of Tang Mingxuan. Tang Mingxuan’s look before Fang Qian daily would remind Fang Qian of the pain she’d undergone.

Fang Xiaoyu cautioned Tang Mingxuan at the aisle of the hospital, expecting he could remain away from Fang Qian, and of course that Tang Mingxuan currently has Murphy.



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