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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 25 Recap

Seeing Cheng Yang, Tang Mingxuan gave sufficient esteem and distance, and fully supported his very first job. The brand new product launch seminar will be an important step in ascertaining Song Tang’s long run, as well as Mia will be present in person. Even though Xia Zhendong was disappointed for this, he didn’t reveal it at the assembly.

At precisely the exact same period, Cheng Yang also expected that Mo Fei could go back to Shanghai to become his assistant during the vacation and make the very first batch of fresh products which layout Song Tang. It is only that Murphy needed to finish her assignments to take care of the examination during the holiday, and didn’t consent to Cheng Yang at the first location.

On this afternoon, a beautiful and adequate woman arrived to locate Fang Xiaoyu. Fang Xiaoyu hugged the woman closely, for fear that she’d vanish out of his eyes , even though Murphy returned home in home, he didn’t notice.

When it’s more than the backdrop, the Fang family doesn’t require the Zhu family to offer boundless glory, and of course the individual who claims is Bai Xiaoman, also Kaiman doesn’t have to concede his standing to collaborate with firms like Hai Yao. Fang Xiaoyu drove Bai Xiaoman from the Home, and Murphy simply ran into Bai Xiaoman so as to reunite the medication.

Lu Dan understood Tang Mingxuan’s current dating status, but she had been really convinced that her son would alter his mind and consented to wed Xia Xueling at a quick moment.


Xia Zhendong considers the Tang family’s dad and son had abandoned on account of this past Xia Xueling event. One was to suggest that Mingyuan would function with no, and the next was to locate somebody who may substitute Xia Xueling at any moment. He can not wait till Xia Xueling is kicked from Mingyuan with no indifferent.

Tang Mingxuan intentionally waited until the close of the job, France called Murphy at the day, and the telephone rang for quite a while prior to hearing Murphy’s confused voice. Murphy suddenly remembered she should not sleep this moment. She intentionally lied and remained late to correct the course, which was briefly cheated. The manner Morphy was confused about the telephone produced Tang Mingxuan look ahead to the day when he would see the day after the confused Morphy actually went alongside him.

She deliberately did not inform Tang Mingxuan that she’d come back, simply to surprise him. Murphy seriously warned Mo Fan to not confide in the information, along with his indifferent look made Mo Hernandez sense that the kinship between the blood and flesh isn’t quite as excellent as that of her boyfriend.

Xia Zhendong especially invited the Tang household for a guest in home and took the nice wine he’d accumulated for thirty years to declare his choice to move all of the shares under his title into Xia Xueling. The notion of ​​Xia Zhendong’s want to retire the Tang family along with his son. Tang Qiren attempted to convince Xia Zhendong to neglect, and may just temporarily shelve the issue.

Fang Xiaoyu drove off Bai Xiaoman who’d been slandering Murphy. He was suddenly angry looking at the medication hanging on the doorway of this room. Evidently, Murphy was reluctant to take Fang Xiaoyu’s concern, and also attempted to avoid meeting him .
Bai Xiaoman obviously came here to the joint alliance. She claimed that Zhu Haitian could mend Fang Xiaoyu, how is it really simple to return without success. It is a shame that Bai Xiaoman’s closing and opening are benefits. It’s Fang Xiaoyu’s guarantee after collaboration. She appears to wrongly think that by scaling Zhu Haitian, she’ll develop into an upper-class individual who will restrain the future of the others.

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