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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 24 Recap

Even though Murphy was sick, she did not desire Tang Mingxuan to stress, and she did not need another party to postpone work for him. Suddenly, when Murphy and Tang Mingxuan were at the movie, Meng Jing was overly concerned and allow Tang Mingxuan understand the simple fact that Murphy was sick, and Murphy made him quit coming into France.

The clothing designed by Haiyao aren’t on the countertop in any way. In Fang Xiaoyu’s eyes, it’s only like a major supermarket. Seeing that Bai Xiaoman has completed exactly the very same as Haiyao’s spouse, it seems a little funny, and he does not bother to waste time . Fang Xiaoyu revealed no mercy, denied Bai Xiaoman, and drove her from Kaiman headquarters.

It had been Fang Xiaoyu’s gentleness that made her undergo the hardest time, but this was only Fang Xiaoyu’s aid, and he’d been abandoned by him. Seeing the failure to revive yesteryear, Bai Xiaoman desired to utilize his benefits to convince Fang Xiaoyu to collaborate.

Mo Fei was in movie touch Shen Jiaxi, and that she probably heard some recent information about Mingyuan. She didn’t react too much when she discovered that Tang Mingxuan personally encouraged Xia Xueling back to Mingyuan.

Even though Tang Mingxuan cared for Mo Fan, in addition, he urged him to not be more than friends with Lu Zhu. Only a couple of minutes of getting together made Mo Fan feel dizzy and somewhat nervous.

Bai Xiaoman intentionally found Fang Xiaoyu’s house. Both were entangled. Meng Jing occurred to find that scene. Taking a look at the medications hanging before her property, she was somewhat disgusted with Fang Xiaoyu, however, Morphy did not care in any way.
Murphy considered that these bites as treasures, and even refused to provide Meng Jing a small bit.
It occurred that Shen Jiaxi made an error in calling the maker for the very first time, and has been criticized by Xia Xueling, who had been mad. Rather than running away instantly, Shen Jiaxi willingly requested to change to women’s clothes, getting Xia Xueling’s helper, and wished to become her overall.

Lately, Song Tang will formally begin to put money into development. Cheng Yang intentionally utilizes the kind of splashing ink. Xia Xueling considers this notion is uncontrollable and biased. Cheng Yang was especially invited back from France from Tang Mingxuan, simply to provide Song Tang a opportunity to have a brand new appearance. He wished to provide Cheng Yang distance to develop and create Xia Xueling secretly sulking.

To be able to co-operate with Fang Xiaoyu, Bai Xiaoman desired to input the Kayman headquarters once another party’s telephone couldn’t be reached. Bai Xiaoman conveys a renowned brand, then takes out Fang Xiaoyu’s title, making people wrongly feel she is Fang Xiaoyu’s enthusiast, so she can enter Kaiman.

Fang Xiaoyu’s anxious look at the time clearly transferred his actual feelings, and did not let down his heart until Murphy wasn’t in severe trouble, and due to this contact, Fang Xiaoyu was still in a fantastic mood because he would shield Murphy. Assistant Ronaldinho understands the reason Fang Xiaoyu came into France, but as a bystander, he believes that Fang Xiaoyu has acted in actual terms and truly loves Murphy.


After Bai Xiaoman was discovering Fang Xiaoyu, he was hauled away by a French girl, who had mistaken her for a version. Bai Xiaoman walked to the T stage of the model evaluation and appeared at Fang Xiaoyu under the point. At that instant, she looked to have returned to this time when she entered Kaiman.

Murphy lay on the couch leisurely, enjoying the meals provided by Tang Mingxuan, suddenly feeling excruciating abdominal pain such as cramping. Meng Jing could not rush back in time, therefore Murphy could call the emergency number, then waited in the doorway with the door open. Fang Xiaoyu simply went home, watching this spectacle, and reluctantly took Mo Fei into the hospital in which his family physician was.

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