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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 23 Recap

Fang Xiaoyu didn’t quit chasing Murphy, he expected that Murphy wouldn’t alienate himself due to Tang Mingxuan’s relationship. She chooses to maintain her distance from Fang Xiaoyu, but Fang Xiaoyu utilizes her as a birthday gift to instigate the connection. Fang Xiaoyu took an image of this fish with peculiar copywriting, attempting to intentionally misunderstand Tang Mingxuan who does not understand the particulars.

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Murphy also wished to take the initiative to get Tang Mingxuan, also stressed it would influence another party’s job, so that she contacted him Himalaya Radio. Tang Mingxuan includes a reminder role for Murphy’s radio channel. Hearing Murphy’s cautious and cautious explanation on the radio channel, Tang Mingxuan’s heart is much more sweet.
In the location where Murphy functions, a client unexpectedly appeared hoping to fix the pattern on the clothing. This thing has to be returned to the first mill in France, however, the other party is in a rush. Murphy utilized Chinese Su embroidery to sew amazing designs for him successfully solved this abrupt difficulty. The general manager also guaranteed to report the issue to Mia.

In the Mingyuan shareholders meeting, everybody discussed the purchase of SLC. Xia Zhendong considers that Mia’s mindset is simply to provide some sweetness , throw the lure, intentionally show the situation of rivalry, and wish to re raise the purchase price. Xia Zhendong’s concerns aren’t foolish, but other shareholders nevertheless hope Tang Mingxuan. Together with Tang Mingxuan guaranteed to keep your eye on the advancement, Xia Zhendong can no longer thing.

When Andre kindly wished to provide Fang Xiaoyu a surprise, his first aim was to stop him from feeling lonely in France, therefore that he celebrated his own birthday, but Fang Xiaoyu abandoned instantly in people.

Fang Xiaoyu is accompanied by his sister and mother on each birthday. Uncle Zhong had the aim to reconcile involving Fang Weiguo along with also his son, but regardless of the way he explained itwas of no avail. Since Fang Weiguo discovered a new girl, Fang Xiaoyu was crowned as left his spouse by Fang Xiaoyu.

After so many fixes, Cheng Yang also formally entered the job of Mingyuan. Murphy’s mom and Master Li are older pals. Murphy has been assisting in Master Li’s embroidery workshop because youth.

As a result of this episode, Tang Qiren especially invited Xia Zhendong to excite Xia Xueling to come back home for supper, pretending to keep in mind the past, to convince Xia Zhendong to purchase SLC, such as finding Song Tang’s understanding. Xia Zhendong considers there is not any need to be overly insecure. Under the overall trend, an individual has to insist upon the not-hot Eastern components, yet this sort of discussion won’t create results after all.


Now that Mo Fei is far out in France, Master Li naturally expects that Tang Mingxuan will look after her only brother in area of Mo Fei. Tang Mingxuan was commissioned by Master Li to shoot Mo Fan off work and sent his youth favorite ice cream. Tang Mingxuan clearly did not care much about other people.
Tang Mingxuan looked in the red series fish at the group of friends after getting Lu Zhu’s report, but he did not look mad or jealous in any way. After undergoing the previous episode, Tang Mingxuan’s confidence in Murphy has also improved observable to the naked eye.

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