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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 22 Recap

Xia Xueling disappeared strangely, she understood very well the present scenario wouldn’t lead to any significant injury to Ming Yuan, at best it’d make Tang Mingxuan active. Xia Xueling desired Tang Mingxuan to be this busy throughout the night and day she believed she had been an essential part in Mingyuan.

Murphy heard from Uncle Zhong that now is Fang Xiaoyu’s birthday, and Fang Weiguo would like to utilize this birthday to lessen the association between father and son. Following Mo Fei admitted, she discovered Fang Xiaoyu was encouraged by Andre for a lecturer at the course when she arrived in college, and encouraged Fang Xiaoyu, Mo Fei and other people to have dinner with all the grounds of courtesy.
After Tang Mingxuan managed all of the job available, he arrived to a particular Tangquan hotel to search for Xia Xueling. Tang Mingxuan desired to allow Xia Xueling understand it wasn’t that Mingyuan could not function without her, and it ought to be Xia Xueling’s own considering whether to remain or not.

Murphy did not understand that Tang Mingxuan was influenced by her job and family due to her love affair. Fang Xiaoyu desired her to assist with the layout due to the plan, but Murphy was turned off.

Bai Xiaoman believed that Fang Xiaoyu had wronged herselfso she’d obviously give her encounter in different things. Bai Xiaoman also wished to prove to Zhu Haitian she had been a competent woman, so she could go 1 step farther from penetrating Zhu’s home.

Zhu Haitian appears to be talking business with cellular game companies lately, and if he received a call from Bai Xiaoman, he had been somewhat mad and disappointed that he had succeeded in registering Cheng Yang. Kaiman lately ready to collectively launch a brand new product with China. Bai Xiaoman believed this was a rare chance and wished to take the initiative to get Fang Xiaoyu.

Tang Mingxuan abandoned Xia Xueling out a way, and she eventually found the facts and proceeded home. Irrespective of the motive behind Xia Zhendong, Xia Xueling fled to get a little bit of setback, entirely lacking the maturity and tenacity that an adult must possess.
Tang Mingxuan was really as Xia Xueling anticipated, he had been occupied day and night alone, even at the end he had been so active he slept directly at the workplace. Yang Guang looked in the outcomes Tang Mingxuan had created, and he doubted that he had discovered that an assistant , otherwise the advancement wouldn’t be so quickly.

Xia Xueling believed that Ming Yuan had paid a great deal for Tang Mingxuan, and she never believed that Tang Mingxuan’s mindset would be really tough this time. For Xia Xueling, these modifications began in the abrupt look of Murphy. Tang Mingxuan was exceptionally indifferent to her afterwards Murphy appeared.

Now, Xiaoyu stated it was a really special evening, and he appeared to need to be lonely. But when Andre encouraged Murphy, he reluctantly consented. When he arrived in the resort, Andre concentrated everything on Fang Xiaoyu, which left Fang Xiaoyu really curious about why he was so excited.

Murphy was going to go to college, and when he opened the door, he noticed a middle-aged guy staying facing Fang Xiaoyu’s apartment. This guy has followed Fang Weiguo for half of his lifetime, and can also be a guy who’s admired by Fang Xiaoyu as Uncle Zhong. Even though Fang Xiaoyu’s connection with Fang Weiguo isn’t harmonious, it doesn’t influence his relationship with Uncle Zhong.

In reality, Xia Xueling believed she had a connection with Milan due to her own skill, but in actuality, now it was likewise Tang Mingxuan who covertly used the connection to allow the other party along with Xia Xueling approach collaboration matters.


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