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Strange Love update Thursday 25th March 2021 Starlife



Strange Love 25 March 2021 update: Episode starts with the hero’s introduction scene. The scene changes to a woman who’s seen attending a puja. Her phone rings using the tune Anarkali disco chali. Astha says sorry for her matron. The matron states I can not let you go on the excursion. Astha speaks with her and leaves her consent. She says I need to take her to get a religious trip.
Astha and her gang have been traveling at the train. Astha wants she shouldn’t see Shlok again. She matches Shlok again at the train and believes about the last night. Shlok is shocked overly seeing her. Shlok’s wallet drops and he walks away oblivious of it. Shlok sits with a few loved ones and gets annoyed from the child’s sound. He believes how his car got ruined, and he needed to travel by train being helpless. Astha informs her friends that she’s quite angry as she fulfilled Shlok from the train. She states now I’ll teach him a fantastic lesson. Ajju states Shlok can sit . Astha says Shlok requested us to go in the concert since he had any motive. Each of the girls start arguing. Shlok leaves from that point. Astha comes to him argues with Shlok. Astha says watch and wait, I’ll reveal to you exactly what is an insult. Shlok says try your very best.

Shlok’s daddy is revealed performing the puja. Shlok’s mother says Shlok didn’t come, I believe he will not come. His father says he’ll come for certain. Shlok looks for his pocket. Astha takes funds from Ajju for assisting Shlok. Astha provides Shlok cash. Shlok gets mad and doesn’t take it. Astha states I know your requirement. He states I’m not so helpless to withdraw cash from youpersonally, get lost. Astha leaves viewing his mindset. Shlok gets the train. She throws the pocket to Shlok. Astha says he assisted him. Shlok believes Astha did so purposely and states she’d concealed his wallet that he can not travel .

Scene changes to Shlok’s home:
Shlok’s mother is doing the structures of this puja. She predicts her daughter and asks whats are such blossoms. She says we do not require these blossoms in the puja. She wants Shlok comes home in the time. Astha taunts him not getting the ticket. He says I dropped my wallet. Astha taunts him not getting the cash. TT asks him to depart the train when he didn’t get his pocket. Astha thinks of it. Shlok thinks hid daddy’s puja are going to finish now.
Shlok drives quicker and can be stuck from the bus. Astha proceeds to choose the tickets. She thinks of accomplishing something. She asks where’s your ticket counter. A guy misunderstands Astha to be somebody else. She says I do not understand any Shlok. He doesn’t hear it and provides the tickets . She believes even the Lord wants we see the concert. Shlok asks for your own moves.


He’s shown running on the street. He believes about a woman and her laugh. His title is Shlok. He says you may never triumph .

Shlok reaches someplace and tells a woman that she’s rusticated. The woman yells. Astha thanks her Ajju for performing her packaging. She says that her bahu Kalindi did the packaging herself. Kalindi is the mother of Astha. Kalindi says you lied to me personally, that the matron called mepersonally. She says you’re taking everybody on Yatra. Her mother warns her that she’ll enter a large problem if her character doesn’t change. All of them leave from the bus to the Yatra. His assistant says do not worry, everything will be OK. Shlok says I won’t endure any error as my daddy’s name is related with this. His father calls him Shlok receives the telephone. Its his mother calling out of his daddy’s phone. Shlok doesn’t talk well with his mommy. She says you’re forgetting that you’re speaking to a mum, come house because we’ve got a puja. Shlok says I recall everything linked to my father, just he’s the one with whom I’m connected.


She says I wished to create my kid happy. Shlok says I dropped many crores. He holds her closer and claims will you state you’re my spouse or other things. Hestares in her. He says I understand women well. Astha states that the guy who doesn’t honor women doesn’t deserve anything. Astha says its own error which I came to confer with you. He believes about her voice. He thinks of a woman. He renders Astha. She says that I will not see your face and yells.
Astha walking om the street alone crying and considering Shlok’s words. She wakes up believing its just a fantasy. Shlok is revealed running someplace and considering a woman. Astha believes how Shlok has holded her hands. Her aunt sees her standing close to the window and asks what happened. Astha is quiet. Her aunt sees the wound on her hands and says did you put on the medication on it. Astha says wake up everyone else we’ll miss our train. Shlok halts someplace and yells. His helper comes and says you need to attain your home before 12. He states do not remind me anything about my daddy. He walks towards his vehicle.

Astha along with another ladies see the concert. Shlok comes there and is extremely much mad. The guy is based on Shlok stating Astha insisted him to provide the tickets. Shlok’s assistants state the overseas delegates are calling and they’re angry. Shlok goes on the point and states I thank each of the guests . He says that this event is coordinated for my father. He says that my father gave me great worth and he taught me to not lie rather than to bear lies. He states here are a few men and women who whined and came indoors on other’s moves, it is going to be useful if they depart. Astha says we ought to proceed today. Shlok sees many girls departing. Astha says she must say sorry to Shlok. She’s to him. Shlok looks . She states leave my hands. He gets mad and says you duped the attender stating you’re my near relative. He states whats our connection. Astha says what exactly are you saying. Shlok gets nearer to her and states how near are we? Astha becomes nervous and states I’ve seen you for your very first time. She says I’m sorry for my own lie.

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