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Strange Love May Teasers 2021: Niranjan is furious when Anjali informs him that she has not invited the Kirloskars. Later, Anjali is livid when she finds out that Astha has gone to visit her father. She demands that Astha abandon her parents forever. Read more of Strange Love Teasers May 2021 below:

Thursday 1 May 2021

Episode 75


Shlok’s pretence of love continues facing Astha’s family. Kalindi informs Astha concerning the enquiry against Avadhoot. Afterwards, Astha asks Shlok to help her restore her father’s picture and he agrees, but with conditions.


Episode 76

In the Agnihotri home, Niranjan scolds Anjali for preparing hot food. Afterwards, Anjali scolds Astha for coming home late and bans her from going home. She also needs that Anjali keep a fast for Shlok.

Friday 2 May 2021

Episode 77

Astha’s family is concerned about Anjali’s behavior. Avadhoot informs the family about his suspension arrangement. Meanwhile, Astha Won’t wash Shlok’s feet According to the Pati Puja regardless of Anjali’s insistence. Afterwards, Kalindi informs Astha about Avadhoot’s suspension.

Episode 78

Astha’s refusal is encouraged by Bharat and Vinayak. Despite Niranjan’s petition; Astha does not relent; and is mad with Bharat. Consequently; Shlok informs Astha to leave the home but not before telling her that he’ll present the evidence against her father.

Saturday 3 May 2021

Episode 79

Shlok informs Inspector Shinde of the evidence against Avadhoot. Astha is refused permission by Anjali to see her sick father. Afterwards, Shlok rebukes Anjali and acts as a caring husband Before the Kirloskars.

Episode 80

Jaya attempts to instigate Anjali from Shlok and Astha but she’s told to leave the home. A desperate Astha asks Shlok to deliver the evidence against her father. When Astha returns home, Anjali pushes her to keep a fast to compensate for her misdeeds during the Puja.

Sunday 4 May 2021

Episode 81

Astha is made to maintain the fast. Anjali tells her to cook food and Niranjan asks about Avadhoot’s health. Afterwards, Sojal offers some juice, and on seeing this, Anjali is enraged. While doing the household chores, Astha faints.

Episode 82

Shlok yells at Anjali for forcing Astha to quickly. Shlok warns Astha not to refuse to go on the honeymoon. Later, Abhay presents a golden string to Sojal and tells her to give Astha’s passport to him. Meanwhile, Jaya leaves the home.

Monday 5 May 2021

Episode 83

Shlok asks Varad to reserve tickets for Goa. Later, Income Tax officers arrive to perform a search at the Agnihotri residence. But they apologise if they find nothing and say someone tipped them off. Niranjan informs Varad to find out that it was.

Episode 84

Shlok informs Niranjan he has retained the accounts file and cash safely. Then he assures Astha of Avadhoot’s safety if she cancels their honeymoon. Afterwards, Abhay incites Astha’s grandma against Shlok.

Tuesday 6 May 2021

Episode 85

Seeing Astha’s injured leg, the family suggests that Shlok cancel the honeymoon. But he does not relent and the few leaves. Along the road, however, the car breaks down and Astha escapes. An angry Shlok hunts for her.

Episode 86

Abhay and his mother punish Jyoti for encouraging Shlok and Astha and lock her in the area. In the woods, Astha is frightened by a dog and falls into a pit when trying to escape. Can Shlok find her?

Wednesday 7 May 2021

Episode 87

Shlok offers Astha a hand if she apologises to him. However, in the process, he, too, falls into the pit, much to Astha’s entertainment. Afterwards, Shlok informs Varad of those events and they attempt to make their way from the jungle.

Episode 88

Anjali advises Vinayak to get married but he fails. Meanwhile, Shlok pushes Astha to a pond and then helps her out. He carries her and proposes taking refuge at an abandoned home however Astha declines. Where will they go?

Thursday 8 May 2021

Episode 89

Avadhoot’s mum advices Kalindi to conduct a puja and invites the Agnihotri household, also. Meanwhile, Astha becomes frightened seeing a snake in the house. Afterwards, Jyoti is forced to do chores by her mother-in-law.

Episode 90

After Shlok’s directions, his partner tells Inspector Shinde to conceal the evidence. Abhay, in turn, calls the inspector and tells him to move. Meanwhile, Shlok behaves badly with the villagers and Astha apologises on his behalf.

Friday 9 May 2021

Episode 91

During the puja, the authorities arrest Avadhoot. Abhay informs Sojal about what he did. Meanwhile, Astha gets bitten by a poisonous snake and the villagers advise Shlok to find herbal medication from the temple.

Episode 92

Niranjan blames Varad because of his negligence towards his job and orders him to conceal the information of Avadhoot’s arrest. Sojal attempts to instigate Varad. From the village, Shlok follows the warrior’s directions and applies the medication on Astha.

Saturday 10 May 2021

Episode 93

Niranjan reads the information of Avadhoot’s arrest and aids in getting him released. A thankful Avadhoot signs the land newspapers. But, Astha reads the information of this arrest and is shocked.

Episode 94

Astha is livid with Shlok. He’s equally shocked and tries to describe her but she won’t listen. Meanwhile, the family is happy to see Avadhoot home. Afterwards, Niranjan informs Anjali of Avadhoot’s launch and teaches her to make a donation.

Sunday 11 May 2021

Episode 95

Anjali educates Nilofer to take her parents from their old age home. Meanwhile, Avadhoot pacifies Astha and informs her of his launch. Shlok is angry with his partner for the error he committed.

Episode 96

Niranjan is angry when Anjali informs him that she’s not encouraged the Kirloskars. Afterwards, Anjali is livid when she finds out that Astha has gone to see her father. She needs that Astha abandon her parents forever.




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