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Strange Love March Teasers 2021 Starlife



Strange Love March Teasers 2021:

On Thursday 25 March Star daily life premieres new string Strange adore in 18h00, substituting Eternal really like that finishes on Wednesday. Both lead roles have been Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) along with also Shlok (Avinash Sachdev).

She is free-sprited, energetic, daring and individual also he is self-consumed, haughty and chauvinistic, using a gloomy history.They have been brought together by fate and Aastha shortly finds that matters are not as rosy as they look in Shlok’s excellent household.

Display Inch

Aastha convinces the matron to shoot the elderly women right to an picnic. Kalindi faces her lying into your matron. Aastha panics because she neglects to fasten that your ticket.Nevertheless, the attendant blunders Aastha to get an encircle, also control along the motions .

Episode 2

Since Shlok’s vehicle stops working, he also planks exactly precisely the specific very same train at which Aastha is now still currently travelling. He advises the TC he does not always have a ticket as his pocket was stolen.Aastha asserts to educate Shlok a lesson. The TC asks Shlok to reunite in the train. But, Aastha finds Shlok’s pocket, and then hands over to him.

Episode 3

Shlok compels a taxi rashly to accomplish residence. He has trapped in traffic as the puja commences in your residence. Shlok handles to accomplish home following the puja finishes, and fractures Niranjan’s rapidly.Mr. Kirloskar phone calls Aastha requesting her to send a few essential recordings to Shlok’s household. Would Aastha meet Shlok back again?

Episode 4

Shlok denies For Giving Aastha, before she apologises to him. She insists to apologise for your interest of her daddy. But, Aastha leaves Shlok’s household once he under-estimates her.Niranjan Would like to possess Shlok married to Aastha, also communicates exactly the Exact Same into Mr. Kirloskar. Would Aastha and Shlok concur?

Episode 5

Aastha and also Shlok won’t go married. Anjali will be dejectedto know that Aastha can be a own woman, that Niranjan has visited for Shlok.Niranjan is delighted because Shlok is awarded because of his gifts in the subject of instruction. Meanwhile, both Shlok and also Aastha match eachother unexpectedly.

Episode 6

Niranjan chooses Aastha’s selection to never get wed to Shlok. Aastha agrees to wait Shlok’s award functionality. She requirements Shlok to know about his inaccuracy.She discovers that Shlok is at the mind area, also comes to fulfill him. Could Shlok grant her consent to talk with him?

Display 7

Aasthaasks Shlok to forgive Anjali, however, Shlok declines. A reporter learns concerning Shlok’s issues, also telecasts it through the duration of the role.Niranjan would like Shlok to spell out online point. Meanwhile, the Shlok educates Anjali to plagiarize college, and her schooling.

Display 8

Shlok beats a journalist up to get disrespecting Niranjan. Law enforcement detain Shlok. Later, his brother bails him from prison.Niranjan comforts Shlok if he’s his apology. Where as, Shlok makes the decision to get revenge. Can they triumph?

Monday 29 March 2021

Episode 9

Avadhoot uncovers out a post in regards to the Agnihotri loved ones from the newspaper, also so forth. Meanwhile, the Niranjan asks Vinayak to perhaps maybe not harm Shlok.Laterhe sees a couple of goons have attacked his off ice, also rushes into the location. At work, Shlok prevents Astha from becoming assaulted by goons, and now she declares .

Episode 10

Aastha advises Shlok she has started to block the goons from destroying the office. Niranjan requests Shlok to visit Mumbai, however, he neglects.Later, Niranjan chooses Shlok’s selection. Meanwhile, the Kalindi confronts Aastha for moving out with no permission, also asks Aastha to do home chores.

Episode 11

Aastha is excited to know she has a work interview at a MNC. Meanwhile, the Shlok’s brotherinlaw requires people of their older era dwelling to vacate the location at 20 times, since he wishes to create a faculty in its own location. Aastha attempts to converse Shlok from undertaking precisely exactly the exact same. Would Shlok assist Aastha?

Episode 12

Sojal reminds Anjali of the 30th wedding anniversary, and also the silver jubilee season with the Agnihotri set of institution.Aastha advises Shlok she’ll not let him demolish the older era dwelling. Aastha and also Gauri wish to avoid Shlok from construction the college. Can they triumph?

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Episode 13

Shlok’s brother introduces a ticket to get the global football game. Meanwhile, the Suresh hands on Aastha’s certificate to Shlok.Aastha is astonished to watch Shlok in your meeting board. Shlok confuses Aastha by asking her catchy questions from your meeting. Could Astha decode this meeting?

Episode 14

Teaser unavailable.

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