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Strange Love April Teasers 2021 Starlife



Strange Love April Teasers 2021: A furious Anjali educates Astha to come home and insults her loved ones. Kalindi slaps Astha for fulfilling Shlok. Afterwards, Anjali invites Astha’s household for Laxmi Puja. Can they come?

Episode 15

Astha is elated to bag the occupation. She reaches late into the office on her first moment. Niranjan advises Shlok that he will celebrate his wedding anniversary along with the silver jubilee celebration. Meanwhile, Astha’s parents want her birthday.

Episode 16

Astha decides to not handle the silver jubilee function of their Agnihotri Institutions, but in vain. Shlok visits her cabin, and asks her to take her chair. However, Astha prefers to endure alone and operate. Meanwhile, the men and women in the older age home provide their blessings to Shlok.

Episode 17

Astha convinces Mangala and Mangesh their company will become popular as a result of her social service. Later, Anjali complains to Avadhoot roughly Astha’s deeds. Meanwhile, Shlok advises Astha that he will find the old age home the next day. Can Astha rescue the old age home?

Episode 18

Shlok yields the home papers to the elderly people, and informs the older age home belongs to them. Later, Shlok educates her to publish the progress reports throughout the day. Meanwhile, Anjali confronts Shlok for insulting Abhay.

Episode 19

Mangala advises Astha to present a variant of this platform and seating arrangements into the Agnihotri household. Anjali informs Astha she dislikes the version, also explains her views regarding the same. Meanwhile, Shlok asks Astha to submit an application within half an hour.

Episode 20

Astha is fearful since Shlok comes closer to her. She is a paper cutter to get self-defense. Ashta enters his cottage with exactly the exact same. Shlok finds out the paper cutter in her hand. Later, Astha hires an auto-rickshaw to go home, as it is raining heavily. Who’ll save Astha?

Episode 21

Astha’s loved ones dread on visiting Shlok dropping her. Astha informs her loved ones that Shlok rescued her. Afterwards, she predicts Shlok to thank himbut he instructs her to concentrate on her job. Avadhoot calls Niranjan, and thanks for Shlok’s help.

Episode 22

Anjali educates Astha concerning the silver jubilee function. Shlok retains her hands from his sleep. Later, Shlok and Anjali confront Astha for entering Shlok’s room. Astha and Shlok possess a disagreement about gender equality. Who’ll win the argument?

Episode 23

Astha averts meeting Shlok. Niranjan asks Shlok to give you a saree along with a coconut for their family .

Episode 24

Niranjan advises Anjali that Shlok has abandoned Kolhapur with Astha. Due to a road-block, Shlok takes Astha to a hotel and novels two unique rooms to get them. Astha fails to start the doorway of her room, also Shlok supplies his distance to Astha. Meanwhile, the Avadhoot calls Astha and needs to Speak to Shlok.

Episode 25

Avadhoot asks Shlok to take care of Astha. Shlok and Astha are stuck in the hotel area without electricity. Shlok asks Astha to put on the saree, which he is brought as an offering to the family goddess. The wax of the candle falls upon Shlok’s hand, also Astha tends to him.

Episode 26

Shlok requests Astha to stay away from him. Meanwhile, Sojal spills the food on the ground by error, and Anjali educates her to wash this up. Shlok takes Astha into Kolhapur, where Astha proposes him to walk barefoot to the temple.

Episode 27

Astha finds an unconscious Jyoti, also proceeds to her. Astha learns that Jyoti has undergone an abortion. Meanwhile, the Shlok is mad on contemplating his ex-girlfriend, Swati, whilst searching for Astha. Can he locate Astha?

Episode 28

Astha will not accept Shlok’s apology for misbehaving with her. Meanwhile, Niranjan and Shlok notify Anjali to not intervene in Shlok’s personal things. Astha is dejected to understand that she is terminated in the job. Can Astha confront Shlok?

Episode 29

Astha decides to take legal action against Shlok for terminating her without a notice. Shlok, nevertheless, tears her termination letter, also instructs her to continue doing her job. Later, he faces Anjali for exactly the same.

Episode 30

Abhay is angry at Jyoti for leaving house without his understanding. A goon tries to kill Astha, also Shlok saves her. Niranjan is enraged at Anjali too.

Episode 31

Shlok advises Astha that they are opting to obtain a website visit. Later, Shlok is enraged at Astha for never obtaining his telephone call. Meanwhile, Kalindi asks Astha to leave the occupation.

Episode 32

Astha’s grandma warns Kalindi to not intervene in Astha’s workplace work. Later, Shlok advises Niranjan he loves Astha’s event prep. Niranjan asks Anjali to send an invitation to Astha and her nearest and dearest. Meanwhile, Astha’s colleague insults Shlok within her presence.

Episode 33

Anjali invites the Kirloskar family for the puja. Astha informs Anjali she’d love to ask her some questions for newspaper interviews. Later, Anjali pretends to Look after Astha confronting Kalindi and Avadhoot.

Episode 34

Astha faces Shlok for never allowing her leave the company. Mangesh educates Astha to function 1 month notice period until she leaves the occupation. Meanwhile, Anjali advises Niranjan they need to find a bride for Shlok. Shlok introduces a saree into Astha. Can Ashta take his gift?

Episode 35

Avadhoot will not signal the storyline records, and Niranjan gets the choice to transfer him. Niranjan and Anjali are enraged on visiting Astha’s name cited with theirs on the invitation card. Shlok asks Astha to leave the job after completing their occasion.

Episode 36

The family is shocked to watch Shlok carrying Astha. Meanwhile, the Sojal informs Astha about Shlok and Tania’s union.

Episode 37

Anjali introduces Kalindi into Tania, and educates about Shlok’s marriage with her. Kalindi tries to console Astha. She enquires Astha about the saree gifted by Shlok. Meanwhile, Shlok admits in the role that he wants to wed Astha.

Episode 38

Kalindi is angry at Anjali for insulting Astha. Meanwhile, the Niranjan is mad at Shlok due to his behaviour. Later, Niranjan apologises into Avadhoot on behalf of Anjali. Shlok informs the family members that he wants to speak to Astha. Can Astha take his suggestion?

Episode 39

Avadhoot and Kalindi enquire Astha about her appetite, concerning the union. Astha informs them that she would like to wed Shlok. Later, Niranjan informs the household that Shlok and Astha’s marriage date has been fixed.

Episode 40

The Kirloskar family discuss Astha’s marriage. Astha professes her love to get Shlok. Meanwhile, Anjali advises Astha to come home because she wants to communicate particular habits of the Agnihotri family prior to the marriage. But, Astha is late to achieve Anjali’s home.

Episode 41

Astha apologises into Anjali for attaining overdue, and informs her that she informed Sojal she’ll be late. Anjali is angry at Sojal for not telling her. Anjali asks Astha to understand particular habits of Agnihotri household, and instructs her to wear a saree henceforth.

Episode 42

Niranjan educates Anjali to inform the Kirloskar loved ones of the involvement date, and she follows suit.

Episode 43

Anjali rips her saree on goal, and blames the Kirloskar family for providing her a ripped saree. Astha tries to set Kalindi’s innocence to Anjali. Meanwhile, Kalindi reveals to Astha about her first marriage.

Episode 44

Anjali introduces Jyoti into Astha. Jyoti asks Astha to never disclose about her husband into Anjali. Meanwhile, Astha reveals about Jyoti’s diplomatic to Shlok. Jyothi is based on Shlok about her abortion.

Episode 45

Sulabha is mad at Jyothi for demonstrating the simple fact that Astha. Astha indicates a picture footage of Sulabha’s confession into the Agnihotri family.

Episode 46

Kalindi is fearful of studying a threatening letter seeing Astha. Shlok suggests that the video footage to Sulabha. Afterwards, she attempts to establish her innocence into the Agnihotri household. On Shlok’s insistence, Sulabha apologises into Jyothi. Meanwhile, Kalindi shows the threatening letter into Niranjan. .

Episode 47

Avadhoot informs Niranjan about the threatening correspondence. Meanwhile, Shlok wants to leap off a cliff to demonstrate his love into Astha. Astha is fearful to locate the exact same. Kalindi inquires Sojal about Shlok’s first marriage. Can Sojal show exactly the exact same?

Episode 48

Anjali asks Avadhoot to enroll on the property purchase papers, but Avadhoot refuses. Shlok learns of exactly the same, and tears the papers. Later, Niranjan apologises into Avadhoot and Kalindi. Later, he invites them to receive a puja. Kalindi is angry at Anjali for insulting them. Can Anjali supply her apology into Kalindi?

Episode 49

The astrologer advises Niranjan the Shlok and Astha’s horoscopes do not match. However, Niranjan does not to disclose the information to anyone. Kalindi is enraged at Anjali for insulting them breaks down the marriage. Meanwhile, Shlok and Astha married in a temple.

Episode 50

Kalindi and Avadhoot are mad at Anjali for insulting the Kirloskar family, additionally informs Niranjan that they are calling off the wedding. However, Shlok advises Niranjan he has married to Astha at a temple. How will the households respond to this information?

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