Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 22 Recap


Su’s mum told Su Xing that Sun Xiaoai should possess a boyfriend, and that he was disabled. Su Xing was ashamed, and Sun Xiaoai, that pretended to be cosmetics supporting him, was embarrassed. Su Xing finally coaxed Su’s mom and wrapped up the telephone. Pete Quay Qiyue did a fantastic job just today, and Qi Yue was drinking in the Su Xing Bar. Su Xing was really thankful to Sun Xiaoai for caring for himself, and Sun Xiaoai hurried away shyly. Sun Yihang ready a ballet series for Liang Yuxuan, but Liang Yuxuan loathed it . Qi Yue known as Julie, but Julie never replied.

Liang Yuxuan assisted him depart after taking the medication. Sun Yihang reported he thought Liang Yuxuan wasn’t a chilly woman, and he had been prepared to heat Liang Yuxuan. Qingping received a call stating that his dad had dropped and was carried to the hospital. Qingping promptly called Sun Xiaoai and requested her to treat Su Xing. Sun Xiaoai moved to Xiao Puding into college, and Ye Lang went to watch Sun Xiaoai’s buddy for a friend. Sun Xiaoai arrived to treat Su Xing. She predicted Ye Lang and asked if he’d return to assist her company take a glance. Ye Lang reported that she’d return in a couple of days. Sun Xiaoai discovered his parents’ voice and immediately requested Ye Lang to select the telephone over, while Su Xing was gossiping. Sun Xiaoai revealed Su Xing the movie of Small Pudding she had listed, and Su Xing missed Small Pudding really much.


Mr. Yu told Qi Yue he was really not at ease in the start, however Qi Yue is so fast he can endure hardship and feel relieved. In addition, he has to take him to meet some buddies. Su Xing believed that God was punishing himso Sun Xiaoai persuaded him to give him Ye Lang longer time. Su Xing was jealous he believed that Sun Xiaoai consistently said Yelang. He sent a message into Qi Yue and asked him where he had been. Qi Yue responded he was planning for tomorrow’s shooting.

Su’s mom and Su’s dad asked Sun Xiaoai when they had been in love with jeweled Lang, and they also expressed their pride , but Sun Xiaoai was too late to describe. Qingping could not return and known as Su Xing today. Sun Xiaoai was stressed that Su Xing wasn’t good , so he chose to remain with him. Sun Xiaoai took a shower to provide Su Xing a shower throughout the shower curtain. Su Xing was so helpless that he had been poured to a soup . Sun Xiaoai went and gave the shower to Su Xing embarrassingly, then ran away.
Ye Lang and Sun Xiaoai’s parents had an extremely delighted conversation, while Pete chose Qi Yue to observe that the customer. Qi Yue expected that Julie are the heroine of her next drama, but the customer bluntly said he wasn’t great enough for Qi Yue, and Pete reluctantly stated he wasn’t worthy of Qi Yue. Persuaded, the client agreed. Su Xing appeared nervous and could not relax completely. When Ye Lang completed the acupuncture, Su Xing did not predict any pain, so that he simply little the towel and hauled down it by himself.

Sun Yihang explained that Sun Xiaoai will be soft-hearted and wouldn’t leave the handicapped, so he expected that Ye Lang would cure Su Xing regardless of what. Su Xing had no advantage in any way. Sun Xiaoai persuaded him to begin learning easier, but Su Xing didn’t believe in evil. The protagonist, Qi Yue stated that if Julie does not make it, he will not accept the acceptance. Pete is quite mad, and his place is insufficient to negotiate .

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