Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 21 Recap


Qi Yue explained he wished to watch Su Xing, but Pete did not concur, telling him he ought to be humble and humble, or he’d be such as Su Xing. Qi Yue nevertheless went into the hospital to watch Su Xing. Every phrase told Su Xing he had been the organization’s future successor and Su Xing was no more helpful to the provider.

Now is the day once Su Xing was discharged by the hospital. Pete didn’t come. Sun Xiaoai and Qingping delivered Su Xing straight back to his house. Qingping gave Sun Xiaoai the keys to Su Xing’s home, and bothered her to treat Su Xing when she had been off. Mother Su found that Sun Xiaoai was a bit dissatisfied with all the ups and downs recently.


Qingping felt really sad. He understood that Su Xing was seriously interested in acting. He had been so severe that nobody could comprehend him. What if he do when he can not behave in the long run. Qingping recalled when he first arrived, men and women in the business bullied him. It had been Su Xing who aided him. Ever since that time, nobody has bullied him . Su Xing was actually kind to Qingping and handled him as a comparative. They desired to follow Su Xing and give him assurance.


Pete moved to Qi Yue and cautioned him to not lift a stone and hit him in the foot. He could make Qi Yue a major celebrity and he can also turn him into a typical individual. Pete chose Qi Yue to take a print ad. Qi Yue’s lovers grew increasingly. Su Xing was experiencing rehab training at the hospital, also Sun Xiaoai and Qingping remained by his side.
Qi Yue was overdue for shooting, and Pete was quite disappointed and cautioned him that he can alter people at any moment.

Su Mu had nothing to saySu Xing known as Su Xing, Su Xing reluctantly requested Qingping to take care of it, Su Mu I needed to movie with Su Xing through the night, or I’d visit the team to locate somebody. Qingping could just agree to movie in 30 minutes. However, Su Mu understood the home better compared to the reception supervisor, Su Xing was quite broken, and Sun Xiaoai needed a hint to inquire Qingping to select the present in the fans and put up it since the shooting scene.

Qingping proceeded to find Pete and begged him to not quit Su Xing. He’d abandoned that the day when Su Xing was discharged by the hospital so as to shoot a plane, but Pete stated that when he had not assisted Su Xing withstand the strain, he’d not have any way to cure his injuries also gave Qingping back Many cash let him purchase what Su Xing enjoys to consume, but Qingping did not request it. Sun Xiaoai told Su Mu his buddy had just been discharged from the hospital, so that he wished to treat him throughout the afternoon and could return to work at night.

Su Xing at the ward learned Qingping’s words pushed the wheelchair to pick up the items on the floor. Sun Xiaoai could not help but see that the scene in which he moved back to the mattress and tried to contact the mattress, but dropped back again. She wished to help himbut she could not, since this was Su Xing’s final self-esteem.

Qi Yue asked Pete if he wished to visit the hospital. Pete explained that Su Xing was in a lousy mood and requested him to come. Seeing that Qi Yue was really excited, Mr. Yu asked concerning Su Xing’s scenario, and Qi Yue replied ambiguously. Su Xing understood he had no worth to Pete, and Sun Xiaoai maintained reassuring him. President Yu discovered that Su Xing had been in poor state, also President Xue asked Pete to take the chance to push Qi Yue.

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