Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 20 Recap


Sun Xiaoai cried after seeing the TV series, however, Su Xing was a tiny bit disgusted. Su Xing abruptly confessed that when he can not stand up, his main regret is that he can not inform Sun Xiaoai himself if he could run and leap he likes her. If one day that he could stand up again, he’s ready to bet on all of his feelings and excitement to pursue Sun Xiaoai again. Sun Xiaoai immediately found an excuse to head to sleep.

Su Xing was stressed that Su’s mom will be worried if she watched the information about her harm. Su’s mum saw the information and immediately called Su Xing. He advised Su’s mother the reporter was simply exaggerating. He was filming the scene and also put on his coat and shipped it out. A couple of selfies previously. Sun Xiaoai saw the ward amount on the selfie had not been advised to Mother Su, as well as known as Qingping to dismiss him up. Sun Yihang arrived at Liang Yuxuan to get a drink and stated he had something to say.
Su Xing was going to enter the living room, Sun Xiaoai and Qingping were rather worried, and immediately comforted Su Xing. Qi Yue went to Mr. Xue and stated he believed that a rookie like himself wasn’t worthy of Pete’s resources, also expected to provide an agent with similar qualifications. Mr. Xue told him that the facts about a large shift in the business, and Pete wouldn’t despise him because he’s a newcomer. Su Xing eventually came from the living space, also Sun Xiaoai and Qingping were exceptionally nervous. The physician told Pete that the surgery was successful, however, the result wasn’t obvious.

Qi Yue arrived to ship Julie into the airport. Julie believed that she had been despicable and did not deserve to enjoy Su Xing. Julie hoped the incident had never occurred, she did not have the capability to express feelings, and Qi Yue had been somewhat at a reduction. Julie did not ask Qi Yue to ship off her, so she phoned a vehicle and left . Su Xing strove to stand up over and over, but failed. Sun Xiaoai is quite concerned about Su Xing, so that he intends to remain here to take good care of him.

Qingping arrived to provide breakfast to Su Xing, and abandoned wittily seeing this spectacle. Sun Xiaoai occurred to fulfill Pete if she came out, and Pete dismissed Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai believed that Pete had an individual touch, but Su Xing knew he had no worth in Pete’s heart, therefore Sun Xiaoai did not care.
Sun Yihang’s rings were ripped and he had been at the hospital . After Liang Yuxuan abandoned, Brother Chen arrived to see him. Brother Chen told me that there was a photo of her wearing a tutu if she had been a kid in Liang Yuxuan’s handbag, hoping Sun Yihang would take the chance to catch up with Liang Yuxuan. Su Xing inquired if he’d never stand up. Early the following morning, Su Xing was going to undergo operation.

Julie came to visit Su Xing and advised him that she was planning to join with the team, and she had been going into the”New Youth” team tonight. Su Xing didn’t neglect to tell her to perform nicely. Pete met Julie at the hospital, and Julie immediately stated she had been here to visit Su Xing and instantly joined the bunch. Pete reminded her to not be in the core of Cao Yingxin, otherwise she wouldn’t have this large tree. Su Xing drove Pete and Qingping, stating that he would be lonely. Sun Yihang was loathed by Liang Yuxuan back, but he hadn’t given up yet.

The injury may have caused Su Xing’s heart issues and eventually become a barrier to his or her recovery. Following the surgery, Su Xing discovered his legs still didn’t feel really agitated. The physician comforted him and it took some time to recuperate. Pete bogged down a couple of words and left. Su Xing hammered his legs a couple of times, always hoping to regain awareness. Su Xing known as Doctor Jiang and stated he had some thing to consult.

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