Ring of Fire update Wednesday 7th April 2021


Ring of Fire 7 April 2021 update: Shristi informs constable, but she can’t feel that this intelligent constable didn’t detect Baiju’s lies. Constable scolds Baiju to maintain his limits and wash the floor. Shristi smirks in Baiju. Once Shristi drops asleep, Baiju believes Shristi is quite smart and he must use brain to conquer her. He retains master essential on her side while she’s sound asleep.

Vani inquires Anurag why he’s tolerating all of this. He indicates because he enjoys Ragini. Ragini and Abhimanyu get together nicely. Vikral inquires Anurag how is his pick and informs Abhimanyu that time that he made a error, now he doesn’t wish to.
Anurag plays with kids and explains his strategy. He walks home and watches play. Vikral asks what’s occurring there.



Baiju throw food and also whines that Shristi threw food. Constable scolds Shristi and provides her meals to Baiji. Baiju enjoys says and food home cooked food is really yummy.

Ragini walks into kitchen. He proceeds. Parag walks in and claims he’s multitalented and uncle sent him to London, instead he’s much better as gardener and cook. Anurag states no job is modest and each work needs esteem. Vikral walks in and says when he’s completed goo jobshe desires hints. Anurag says evaluation and tips. Vikral brings out a money notice. Anurag says he’ll take it out of the bride. Ragini will Parag’s nazar and supplies cash to Anurag.
Abhimanyu arrives to fulfill Ragini. Neighbor kids throw dirt on him then grime smeared ball. He grabs ball and says it’s his turn to perform today. Parag scolds kids. Abhimanyu claims that is fine, he really loves playing with kids because he’s busy acting as hostess complete day and can’t be himself, therefore that he wishes to play with kids. Vikral states a guy who enjoys children is apparent . Anurag attempts to present himselfbut Vikra stops and claims he’s my manger.
Constable gets meals for Shristi. Baiji gets joyful believing Shristi is going to be penalized for having master essential. Constbale doesn’t find key. Baiji realizes his strategy backfired and hurriedly chooses key out of his side. Constable grabs him extends his punishment although Shristi walks free. Baiji decides to take revenge against Shristi.

Shristi wakes up and asks when he’s feeling acute pain and requires constable. Baiju gets up and strangulates her throat and says if he’s not in peace, he won’t allow her into peace. He leaves before constable falls in. She coughs. Shristi says that he is truly a rakshas and has to have done a great deal of terrible deeds, but he did wrong by facing a lawyer, he’s brought here to be penalized by her, he’ll regret for coming .
Constable opens prison and asks Shristi to get the job done. Shristi says till her offense is known, she isn’t going to get the job done. Constable yells at her and says when she doesn’t get the job done, she isn’t going to get food. Shristi cleans her mobile. Baiju throws garbage inside her mobile and yells constable. He says she’s the exact same game he utilized. Shristi appears at constable.


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