Ring of Fire update Tuesday 6th April 2021


Ring of Fire 6 April 2021 update: Ragini asks Vikral to allow Anurag in and keep at home, he’ll do household chores such as a slave. Ragini requests him to contact his job.

Anurag movie calls Revathi and states he’s nice and has plenty of food to consume. He says to not worry about himhe has taken oath to return home just with her bahu. Revathi sees her strategies to different Anurag and Ragini failing.
Ragini gets prepared to fulfill a boy and inquires Anurag how is she’s looking. He states lallantap. Vikral comes and claims she’s looking fairly and ought to go and fulfill boy shortly. Ragini states let the boy come so that Anurag can observe just how much superior the boy is more compared to Anurag. Vikral gives divorce documents to Anurag and asks to signal them. Anurag refuses and says he’ll not divorce Ragini. Ragini asks to finalize the boy seeing and phone him home .
Baiju proceeds to taunt Shristi in prison. Purshottam and Vidhvan go with bond documents and asks inspector to depart Shristi. Inspector won’t leave her because they arrived a few minute late. Baiju asks inspector to ship out her as elders are asking. Shristi asks them to proceed and as she doesn’t wish to flex rules. They depart.

Revathi states . Revathi says there isn’t any halw grocery in your home and Brij is not in home, if she can go and deliver it. Shristi agrees. Vidhvan asks why she’s bothering bahu, he’ll go and deliver grocery. Revathi says he’s older and ought to rest, gives listing to Shristi and sends. Vidhvan inquires why did she do so.

Anurag continues flirting with Ragini and states she’s looking lallan tap/beautiful inside her black gown. He proceeds that pandit gave forcecast which they’ll get 2 kids, she is able to name them since she enjoys desi and English, she is able to name them . Ragini inquires Vikral if boy’s photographs arrived for alliance. He says and reveals photographs. Vikral asks shield to throw off Anurag’s tent and wash out the space, else he’ll kick him from occupation. Ragini says allow him to remain there until her union pendal is repaired there, they then want labors to operate during union, Anurag can work and pay his rent for remaining here. Anurag says anything she’s doing, he won’t move out without her.
Baiju continues emotionally harrassing Shirsti and states she awakened his work of ransom set and shipped behind bars, he’d same and took revenge against her. Food comes. Shristi cries. Baiji provides her water. It.

Shristi proceeds to purchase supermarket store and talks with shopkeeper. Baiju goon comes and inquires security hafa out of shopkeeper. Shopkeeper says this isn’t right. Baiju forcefully takes cash and drops it into his box. Shristi retains box and asks to reunite. He states it’s charity. She gives entire money to kids for sweets. Baiji angrily pushes her ground and says that he doesn’t conquer women, so he pushed without touching. Shristi calls authorities and has him arrested. Vidhvan indicates to hire attorney to penalize Baiju goon. Revathi states Shristi should combat this situation as she’s a lawyer. Vidhvan states it’s a great idea.


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