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Rikokatsu (2021) リコカツ



Rikokatsu (2021)
Other Title: リコカツ, Riko cutlet

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama
Episodes: 10
Country: Japan
Director: Tsuboi Toshio, Suzuki Sanae
Writer: Izumisawa Yoko
Network: TBS
Release Date: Apr, 2021
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  • Kitagawa Keiko as Mizuguchi Saki
  • Nagayama Eita as Obara Koichi
  • Sano Shiro as Mizuguchi Takeshi [Saki’s father]
  • Mitsuishi Kotono as Mizuguchi Midori [Saki’s mother]
  • Hiraiwa Kami as Shikahama Kaede [Saki’s older sister]
  • Sakou Yoshi as Obara Tadashi [Koichi]


About holidays, Koichi’s suggestion was to consume out. Saki is very happy, but Koichi has another sense of everything from style to picking a shop. Additionally, Saki’s dissatisfaction stinks since she pushes her ideas. Koichi also got to a large quarrel expression,”It is different from the union I anticipated,” and divorced each other.

Additionally, there’s a disturbing air between Saki’s dad, Takeshi (Shiro Sano) along with his mom, Midori (Kotono Mitsuishi).

But the day following the wedding. Saki is awakened by the noise of a wake-up trumpet in 4 o’clock at the first morning, and Koichi makes him sing that the Ohara household’s courses.

I met 3 weeks ago. Koichi of this Air Rescue Wing of the Air Self-Defense Force rescued Saki who had been in distress from the snowy mountains. Even though their characters are contrary, they pledged to create a happy life together.

Both attempted to inform Koichi’s parents that they had been considering divorcing in the Ohara household’s dinner celebration. But, my mom Kaoru (Yoshiko Miyazaki) along with also my dad Tadashi (Yoshi Sakou) first explained that we’d be blessed.

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