Rattan 司藤 Episode 30 End Recap


Wang Qiankun did not understand if Siteng was saved, and both were helpless. The mother discovered that Xizhu wasn’t her Xizhu, also inquired who the kid was.

Qin Fang chased him Xizhu’s home. Her adoptive mother was filled with vicissitudes and gray hair, such as a white mind immediately. After hearing her voice, Qin Fang abruptly realized.


Qin Fang discovered Siteng, all of these were parallel traces, also it was quite probable they couldn’t look back when they missed it. Qin Fang was filled with Bai Ying’s electricity today, and Si Teng abruptly realized Qin Fang’s ideas and appeared at Qin Fang in shock.


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