Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 40 Recap


The two Liu Shi and Song Min had their particular beliefs, along with both were equally matched, neither of these could give in, and additionally they admired each other. It was not until this instant that Liu Shi abruptly understood the chipper he honored at the movie was his first master Qin Zhen.

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As the match continued, Liu Shi’s waist harm also suddenly relapsed. He seemed not able to do this but refused to quit. Liu Shi regarded that this contest as the previous time in his adult life, even though he used his entire life to struggle, he needed to complete it, however, the annoyance caused him to kneel into the floor over and over. When Liu Shi felt he was going to be not able to continue, Yuan Ran’s coming and cheering gave him fresh strength, letting him stand to the contest stage again to battle and battle. Liu Shi drained his last strength to decrease the ball with one hand, and eventually was tired and totally lay down to the floor, yet this ball attracted him success.

Liu Shi did not have rhetoric or amorous arrangement. He just suggested to Yuan Ran together with the dining table tennis he had been playing only now. Liu Shi knelt on the floor, utilizing the simplest things, the simplest marriage proposal, also stated the best obligation and assure of his lifetime. Yuan Ran burst into tears and approved the dining table tennis. Even though Liu Shi won the match, he Wasn’t prepared to play at the World Table Tennis Championships. He understood very well his waist harm would just turn into a burden for the national group. Liu Shi utilized his persistence to finish the previous match, demonstrating he has the power to go into the World Table Tennis Championships, demonstrating that he’s the king of singles, and he’s got no regrets. Liu Shi’s decision also made Qin Zhen feel that the bitterness for several decades. As a trainer, he understood how ashamed he’d be if Liu Shi persisted. Now, Qin Zhen set aside the past, decided to stop drinking, and welcome the new potential. Within this clinic, Yu Kenan discovered that Xu Tan had an accident on his kneeand that he suddenly realized he had not only practiced and played for quite a very long moment. There appeared to be a few unerasable despair in his heart.

Yu Kenan drank along with his representative and’d mental arithmetic and inadvertent. The story of Jia Yu utilized the way to temporarily alter the individual who played Xu Tan from the Super League, also about the grounds of strategies, individuals were motivated to inquire Song Min to play with the ideal side of Xu Tan. Following a hospital review, it was discovered that Xu Tan had been hurt in the knee . Xu Tan has attained the last phase of his profession. He does not have any time to waste, and obviously he won’t decide to undergo operation. Xu Tan’s biggest desire is to attend a world class contest and compete with the man who wants to struggle in his or her heart.

Though Xu Tan is sitting in a wheelchair, then he wishes to clinic tapping against the wall. Liu Shi and Ma Chuan attracted Wu Kai and Su Shun to See Xu Tan. Liu Shi intentionally explained why Yu Kenan didn’t come, but Xu Tan did not appear to care. Song Min only believed that playing the ideal side was a strategy. Now, Liu Shi directed individuals to stop by Xu Tan, however, Song Min didn’t dare to appear before Xu Tan.

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