Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 39 Recap


Since the Asian Games Winner, Xu Tan ranks first in the Entire World. After Ma Chuan insisted that Yu Kenan would eventually become the captain, Song Min recalled that Xu Tan wasn’t crucial, and was prepared to become Xu Tan’s sparring team. Yu Kenan has lots of champions in hand, and he’s got a great deal of exposure in the press. Seeing Yu Kenan’s expansion step-by-step, Teng Biao also considers he is gradually mature and completely qualified for the use of captain. Fu Chuanzhi pays attention to the features of Xu Tan.

Since the captain, it’s clear that a strong sense of dedication and a solid psychological quality would be the top candidates. Hearing that Liu Shi concentrated on Yuan Ran rather than being a table tennis champion, he suddenly realized he hadn’t ever believed Wang Siheng. Everybody finds their particular pursuit, and Wang Siheng once believed her pursuit was Xu Tan’s helper.

Considering that the last time she had been hurt from the rain, an individual came home and looked in the dripping water pipe without a do. The sensation of jealousy invaded her heart, making Wang Siheng incapable to continue. Xu Tan was frustrated , but it didn’t affect his focus on playing tennis. It was only a knee injury that affected his potency. He was eventually conquered by Su Shun and remained in fourth location. This time the harm is the most eye catching, Yuan Ran is quite apparent that when he continues to struggle, there’ll be serious and unpredictable impacts, and it is going to even permanently influence the next half of his lifetime. Yuan Ran expected that Liu Shi can give the game up retire, he can go back to a healthy body and block the reduction in time. He wishes to treat Yuan Ran, instead of getting a burden to another party in the next half of his lifetime. Liu Shi chose to submit an application to draw from the group, even Xu Tan couldn’t take his decision, let alone Liu Shi’s master Qin Zhen. Qin Zhen was kicked from this game due to his injury. Even though he insisted,” Fu Chuanzhi, the trainer of Qin Zhen, didn’t give him another opportunity. Qin Zhen believed he could place his faith and insecurities on Liu Shi, but Liu Shi had to quit due to his injuries. Liu Shi looked in the decoration on the wall, recalling the scene when he came to the national group. Liu Shi used to love to play table tennis muchbetter. But with the assistance of his own attempts, he asked himself whether he actually gave up the chance to take part in the World Table Tennis Championships? Liu Shi’s heart was filled with pain and struggle, but if he walked out the infirmary and listened to the dialogue involving Yuan Ran and Liu Jie, he eventually could not help crying softly.

Even though Yuan Ran quarreled about stressing about Liu Shi, she understood Liu Shi’s wish. Regardless of what decision Liu Shi created, Yuan Ran would unconditionally care and treat him . When Liu Shi came straight back into the stadium to play with, Qin Zhen also resolutely asked Fu Chuanzhi to provide Liu Shi a Opportunity. Even though Qin Zhen was granted up back thenhe never inquired, but this time, Qin Zhen did not desire Liu Shi to repeat the very same mistakes.

Liu Shi qualified to the contest and his competitor was Song Min. Song Min is excited about winning the match now so he can eliminate the destiny of becoming a sparring partner. But, Liu Shi had the chance to go into the national team just due to sparring. His career began from sparring. Liu Shi began playing table tennis because he was a kid. It was table tennis which gave him the significance of life and enabled him to feed his grandma. As one of those few chippers from the planet, Liu Shi squeezed to the 2nd national group for a training partner, watched innumerable game titles, educated himself chipping approaches, and had his own master. He’s reluctant to halt the trials readily and lose his only opportunity to take part in the World Table Tennis Championships.

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